Clubs Staying Active During Quarantine

SOuP Club delivers 56 masks in their first donation to St. Jude Hospital.

Rebecca Kam

SOuP Club delivers 56 masks in their first donation to St. Jude Hospital.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

Now that the world has been what seems to be shut down due to the coronavirus, many events have been canceled or postponed. As many clubs relied on community events and meeting up in person, their board members have found numerous ways to stay active and continue moving forward with their aspirations.

One of the many clubs at YLHS that have taken action during these difficult times is the Self-Care club. Members were encouraged to post stay at home advertisements to their social media platforms to spread the message about how important it is to stay home during this time.

The Self-Care club president, Danielle Huizar (10), shares that “the main reason was to promote staying at home and staying safe because we feel that stopping or lowering the spread is the most important thing to do right now for ours and our family’s health. We still saw many people going out like normal and wanted to remind them that this was not a time to ignore stay at home orders.” The club also pushes to take care of mental health during this time by posting their daily self-care tips.

Another club called SOuP or “Saving Our Planet” has made efforts to help St. Jude Hospital by making and delivering masks. After about two weeks of making and collecting masks, initially, fifty six masks were made through a collective effort of the board members and some club members. Kayla McKechnie (10), one of SOuP club’s board members, adds that “another 143 masks were made through the first few weeks of May.” The club hopes to make a difference in any way that they can and members look forward to future activities.

Many other clubs, for example, FBLA has joined in to use zoom as a method of holding their regular club meetings. Since most teachers have successfully moved to using online means of schooling, club board members have looked to do the same and keep their members informed about their current and future plans.

As the quarantine has unfortunately canceled many events, it is still important to stay involved in what clubs and other organizations are doing. Since there are fewer opportunities for high school students to stay involved in their community, some groups both in and outside of school are planning to continue staying active during the summer. So remember to stay as active and safe as you can during these unfortunate times.