The Cantabile Choir

Choir, consisting of Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir, practice songs during 0 period.

Ashley Niu

Choir, consisting of Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir, practice songs during 0 period.

Ashley Niu, Photojournalist

The YLHS Choir headed by Ms. Gilfoy is looking forward to an eventful, harmonious year! The voices of YL are ready to take on greater challenges and sing their hearts out with the upcoming concerts and performances. With greater challenges, Ms. Gilfoy expects to “continue vocal jazz and take that to competition” so that the strength of the group will develop and “keep growing”.


Choir is composed of two vocal groups: Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir. Each has a substantial number of members who enjoy the soul of music and dedicate their time to sing at football games and other events. Specifically, Vocal Ensemble is comprised of 28 singers who must audition to be in the group and compete in festivals such as the Fullerton Jazz Festival. Last year, they gained recognition with their exemplary performance landing them 3rd place at the festival.


Choir has already been up to a great start with previous events in the beginning of the year. Choir Club, which is affiliated with the YLHS Choir, held the 2nd annual YL’s Got Talent Show with a variety of performances on October 17th that had received great responses from the audience and performers. Also, Choir has participated in the local District Exchange Concert at Esperanza High School and was able to perform and meet other choirs in the district. These are not the only events Choir has been partaking in. Have you been to the football games and hear people singing the Star Spangled Banner? Well, that’s our Vocal Ensemble! They have sung at three football games to kick start the exhilarating game with YL pride.


If you missed these events, don’t worry there are better performances yet to come. During the winter, Choir will fill your heart with joy as they participate in the Winter Festival at Valencia High School on December 2nd and 3rd and hold a Holiday Concert on December 17th in the forum. It will be a fun and entertaining night as they will be reading The Night Before Christmas and break into Christmas songs along the storyline. Likewise, Choir will also be having a Seasons of Love Concert on February 11th which is their favorite event because they can have multiple solo performances that exemplify the talent in each individual member.


But overall in preparation for these events, Choir sings a variation of songs that range from mainstream pop to jazz. In addition, they learn singing techniques to widen their vocal range and cooperate with each other to harmonize together. David Lucasan (12) believes that “Vocal Ensemble is a great program getting to learn to sing” because he can broaden his musical ability and sing other genres of music like classical. With the love for music, Choir takes on performances with their voices and are currently preparing for the Holiday Concert. So remember to come and support Choir on December 17th in the Forum for the spectacular Holiday Concert.