How to Stay Fit at Home


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Featured in this image are Pamela Reif along with Sydney Cummings.

Claire Koltura, Photojournalist

The worldwide pandemic has changed our regular routines with staying active. While some of us continuously workout, others binge-watch Netflix with a bag of chips. Everyone has their perspective on two prevalent habits during this time in history. As gyms are still closed in California, there are a variety of videos and activities to get our bodies moving even more and throwing away the bag of chips.

A popular source to watch fitness videos is Youtube. Pamela Reif, Chloe Ting, MadFit, and Sydney Cummings are just a few popular fitness instructors during the stay-at-home order. These fitness trainers post a wide range of videos that exercise the muscles of your body. Even some offer programs on their websites to help you keep up and reach for your goals.

Sydney Cummings specially offers great boot camp-style workouts. Each of them ranges from 30-minutes to an hour. Some are full-body HIIT workouts, and others work on specific areas of the body. With these being a little more challenging, it leaves anyone sweaty and exhilarated at the end. Marissa Manzi (11) states, “Cummings workouts leave my body feeling incredible and with the perfect balance of everything.” Even though Cummings’s workouts are challenging, it strengthens the body and leaves you motivated to workout the next time.

Pamela Reif offers a variety of workouts that help to shape the body. Reif’s workouts range from medium to hard difficulty, which are perfect if you want a quick, challenging workout. Her videos range from 10 to 30 minutes and involve a playlist that makes the exercise easier.

Similarly, Chloe Ting offers amazing workouts for beginners entering fitness to test their strengths and help them find their limits. With a wide variety of exercises, all come to the simplicity of just getting your body moving. Ting’s overall goal for her workouts is for her viewers to see change within their physique. Chloe Ting’s website supplies a section of challenges that last two weeks to 8 weeks.

For those wanting a slower pace with an enhanced difficulty, MadFit videos offer a perfect speed. Timing involves 15 to 30 minutes with a minute on each exercise. Each exercise is explained correctly to ensure that your body will feel a strain. MadFit also offers dance workouts to Top Hit songs, which last three to four minutes. There are a variety and are perfect to start or finish your workout.

Even a calming workout with some yoga can get the blood moving and stretch muscle leaving your body feeling one with itself. Two popular yoga instructors are Boho Beautiful and Yoga With Adriene. Each of their videos shares specific areas of the body to perform yoga or a general full body. All these inhabit not only stretching, but also strengthening your body as one.

Whether or not you want a full-blown at-home workout or a peaceful walk around the neighborhood, this wide range of workout videos with different paces offers a prominent way to stay active during these last moments before the gyms reopen.