Best Netflix TV Shows and Movie During Quarantine



As we are stuck at home, let’s enjoy are time by finding new series on Netflix, to watch with your family or on your own.

Katherine Ortiz, Photojournalist

As we continue through quarantine, many YLHS students, including myself, have become bored of swiping through social media and rewatching our favorite tv shows. We are endlessly flipping through channels, avoiding commercials and looking for any source of entertainment. Here are a variety of Netflix shows and movies to save you from your boredom as we remain stuck at home.

First, here are some documentaries that you might not ordinarily watch. The first is Cheer, a Netflix original documentary that follows Navarro cheer’s journey throughout their season. Through hardwork and dedication, Navarro teaches you what it takes to be champions and how to overcome obstacles. Another great documentary on Netflix is Miss Americana, revolving around singer Taylor Swift as she navigates through her daily life and gives her fans a deeper look into her emotions over the course of three years. This Netflix Original also includes the hardships Swift has faced throughout her life such as her eating disorder and her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

Being stuck at home, we are always with our family, and Netflix has multiple family friendly shows to stream throughout quarantine. The first is Chill with Bob Ross, where the famous artist goes through the process it takes to create his masterpieces. Ross’s soothing voice mixed with his scenic creating makes this show great to relax during these times with family. An additional family friendly show is The Big Family Cooking Showdown, a competitive cooking show where 16 families compete for the top spot. This show is not only good for the whole family, but includes many cultural dishes, giving you quarantine cooking inspiration.

During these scary and unprecedented times, these comedic sitcoms will lift your spirits and have you smiling from ear to ear. The first comedy is The Office, a mock documentary tv show that dives into the work world of a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Once you start this show, you will be hooked, as one YLHS student, Rachel Lassalle (12) , adds that “The Office is one of the best shows on Netflix. Everyone watches it and it never fails to make me laugh.” Another comedy, Parks & Recreation, centers around Leslie Knope, a worker in Indiana’s Parks and Recreation Department. This show never disappoints and continues its excellence throughout all of its seven seasons.

Finally, if these tv shows are not enough, Netflix has an amazing assortment of different movies from horror to romance. The Netflix original movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, gained popularity when it first came out in 2018, and now, its sequel P.S. I Still Love You, is heartwarming and funny, great for many teens. For a family movie night, Netflix has many Disney movies, such as Incredibles 2, Bolt, Princess and the Frog, and Tarzan.

These shows and movies will make it impossible to be bored during quarantine, whether you need a laugh or a heartfelt Disney movie. A movie night with family, or an online Netflix party movie night with friends can be the perfect remedy to cure your at home boredom.