Healthy Beach Body Motivation


Malieka Khan

A picture of one of the many beaches in the world that are being closed down right now for the safety of others.

Malieka Khan, Section Editor

With summer right around the corner, people are constantly talking about their “summer bodies” and how they have to get in shape for the season. With beaches closed and trails shut down right now many people are losing their inspiration to get into shape. 

This change can be both a good and a bad thing. In the years past, with spring break starting the trend, people would go on crash diets that led to unhealthy relationships with food and exercise. Rather, people should be focusing on getting better bodies for their own mental and physical health, not to show the world what society deems to be a “perfect” body. 

In this sense, not having this unachievable standard and deadline for beauty can truly help people and their self esteem. They may not feel pressured to change their bodies so quickly and in such drastic ways simply so they look better in a bikini they will not get to wear anymore. 

Yet, that does not mean people should simply let themselves go in ways that they would otherwise not have. People should instead do things for themselves and to better their lives in ways that are wholeheartedly to have a positive outlook on themselves. Other people’s admiration and compliments are just icing on the cake. 

Instead of having a crash diet for the summer body you would want, people are snacking anytime they have nothing else to do. They should find a balance between the two, instead of snacking when you are bored, perhaps do a workout to pass the time. Ten minute Youtube videos can walk even the least knowledgeable person through a workout that will not only make them feel better, but genuinely hungry as well. 

Once that is all sorted and you truly are ready for a snack after the refreshing workout, have a healthy snack. Now healthy does not mean not flavorful. There are plenty of things that are completely okay to eat for energy that are filling. Maybe just an apple does not fulfill your tastebuds, instead have some peanut butter with it and make it an even better snack. Have a smoothie with fruit and yogurt instead of ice cream. Throw in some spinach as well, the taste of the fruit will mask the vegetables all together and you will feel even more filled up in the process. 

Though bikini season may look a bit different this year, you and your body goals do not have to. This time, getting in shape can be done in an even healthier way that is much more sustainable in the end, giving you better results with a healthier relationship with food and its effect on the body as a whole. This year anyone can have a summer body year round, with all the motivation and results as before.