Seniors’ Last Day of High School: The Day None of Us Expected


Courtesy of Michael and Kaitlyn Kirian on Twitter

With school closures across the nation, the class of 2020 seniors will go the rest of the school year at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. PYLUSD June graduations are also cancelled.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

On the first day of senior year, twelfth-grade students fill the campus with experience, spirit, and confidence as the oldest members of the student body. Senior year is full of everyone’s lasts. Last dances. Last sports games. Last rallies. Last activities. And, of course, the last day of high school. 


To much of a surprise, for all Yorba Linda High School seniors, the last day of high school already occurred. With PYLUSD following the directions of our state officials, the last physical day for seniors attending classes was March 13–very fitting for Friday the 13th. The seniors’ last day had commenced without a senior prank, dress-up day, or even a last goodbye to teachers and younger students. 


As a senior living in this current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, I have undeniably felt the effects of the sickness in our city, school, and the greater community. If someone would have told me that my last day of high school was going to be on Friday the 13th, I would have laughed in disbelief. Although it is probably the worst day to be our last day, I know there is nothing more we can do than taking the right precautions to protect us all. The coronavirus has scared us, shocked us, confused us, and flipped our world upside down.


But we will be strong, and we will power through this. To the class of 2020: although our last day of high school wasn’t what we would have imagined it to be, our strength as a class and as people are being proven right now as we participate in social distancing. This is not the end for us, however. Many of us will have a chance to have a proper senior year, just not at the home of the Mustangs. 


Our senior year has definitely taken a turn in a direction beyond anyone’s sight. Instead of sulking in our sadness, let’s remember the true memories we have made over the past four years at Yorba Linda High School. We can’t change what is happening in the world, but we can change our perspective and how we look at this pandemic. Use this time in quarantine to soak in family time before all of us head off to college or other ventures. 


Yes, our last day of senior year was not what we expected, but that’s life. As we continue our classes on a digital learning platform, always remember to keep your spirits up and continue running with the STAMPEDE. Stay happy, healthy, and driven. Until we all meet again, stay swell, YL.