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    The Rise of the WNBA

    The Wall Street Journal
    The WNBA’s number one pick for the draft, Caitlin Clark, takes a picture signing with her team Indiana Fever.

    Not until very recently, not many besides a select few people really cared about the Women’s Sports.


    National Basketball Association (WNBA), let alone the WNBA draft. However, people not even interested in basketball are starting to recognize up and coming female basketball players’ names such as Caitlin Clark being one of the most prominent ones. Why is this though? Why all of a sudden are people starting to pay attention to women’s basketball? All of the credit goes to the outstanding players themselves.


    During March every year March Madness takes place, and this is essentially a nationwide basketball tournament between Division 1 college basketball teams to determine who is the best that year. This year, more than most, women’s college basketball gained a bunch of attention. From the past three years, the viewership of the women’s March Madness finals grew by 23 percent to a whopping average of 3.7 million. 


    The increase in viewership, especially this year, owes big thanks to the players themselves and their rivalries. One of the most well known rivalries in women’s college basketball was the rivalry between Louisiana State University (LSU) and the University of Iowa. Caitlin Clark who played for Iowa and Angel Reese who played for LSU represented their respective teams’ rivalries very much. Their team’s rivalries stemmed from the 2023 March Madness championship where the two colleges went head to head, and LSU came out with the championship. In 2024, LSU and Iowa went head to head once again but this time for a spot in the finals. Reese and Clark had a history of being major rivals/competitors, and this year Iowa was able to beat their former opponent and head to the finals.


    For this year’s WNBA draft, many of the talented women who were admired in college basketball were drafted. Clark being the number 1 pick and committing to Indiana Fever, second pick being Cameron Brink committing to Los Angeles Sparks from Stanford College Basketball (fun fact: she is the godsister of Stephen Curry!), and third pick being Camila. 


    Many people have now felt that these women’s skills have helped the future of women’s basketball tremendously. “Those women have done huge things for the WNBA because honestly I did not care at all who got drafted and now, I am obsessed with all of the players” Ilene Oh (11) told the Wrangler.

    “Those women have done huge things for the WNBA…”

    — Ilene Oh

    Now we can only hope that by starting with women’s basketball, women’s sports can grow in popularity across all sports.

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    Lauren Urquico
    Lauren Urquico, Photojournalist
    Lauren Urquico is currently a junior at Yorba Linda High School and is thrilled to be starting her first year as a photojournalist for The Wrangler! Lauren loves participating in our school through sports, academics, extracurriculars, and more. She is a part of the school’s varsity lacrosse team and a member of the YLHS debate team. Since she was little, her favorite subject has always been language arts because she loves reading and writing! In her free time, she loves going to the beach, reading, and hanging out with friends and family! Lauren is very excited about her last two years at YLHS and hopes this year is as memorable as her past two years!

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