Galentine’s Day


Credit: Daily Campus

Galentine’s Day is a fun-filled holiday celebrating the friendships between women without having to be in a relationship.

Katherine Ortiz, Photojournalist

Every February 14th, people celebrate Valentine’s Day, buying gifts for loved ones as a celebration for their love. This holiday dates back to the sixth century B.C. with a festival to bless women with fertility. From this tradition, we have commercialized Valentine’s Day, with America spending billions on chocolate, flowers, and other Valentine’s-themed gifts. But in the past years, women have turned to Galentine’s Day as an alternative way to celebrate. 


Galentine’s Day is a celebration with fun and gift giving to your BFFs, started by the TV show Parks and Recreation. Featuring the protagonist, Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is portrayed by a fun waffle-filled breakfast to celebrate her closest friends. Knope takes Galentine’s day to the next level, showering her friends with gifts and letters about how truly amazing they are. Although this show is no longer in production, Galentine’s Day still occurs every year after the show’s second season in 2011. 


This fake holiday is now commercialized by many companies, like Hallmark or Party City, creating trinkets or greeting cards to celebrate this day dedicated to women. Even coffee shops and restaurants have embraced Galentine’s Day by hosting their own events. 


Valentine’s day is usually seen as a day for couples, but YLHS students celebrated no matter their relationship status. The trend named, “Galentine’s Day,” has been popular for single ladies across the country, celebrating the friendships between women. This Valentine’s Day, YL strayed from the tradition of this holiday. For example, Nicole Oh (11) spent her Galentine’s Day with her friends, going out to dinner and shopping, without the need of a significant other. Nicole Oh (11) states, “ You don’t need to be in a relationship to have fun on Galentine’s Day. This holiday is truly meant for everyone and I’m glad it has become popular.” 


Galentine’s demonstrates how everyone has the opportunity to have fun on this holiday. Ladies of YLHS have embraced this new and unofficial holiday, showing their undeniable love for their friends and the large impact they have on each other’s lives.


Valentine’s Day might seem like a disinclusional holiday celebrating romantic relationships, but Galentine’s day offers welcoming vibes, happily honoring the undoubtable friendship between people. 


Single women across the globe now have their own holiday without an overwhelming feeling of being estranged by the red roses and romantic cards filling store aisles. This female-friendly holiday has gained popularity throughout the years for single women as well as those in relationships.