Please Stop the PDA


Gabby McCutchan

PDA is a heavily controversial topic to be discussed among high schoolers, specifically between the couples who engage in the practice and the other students who have to witness it.

Gabby McCutchan and Stephen Serrano

If you can make it through a passing period without unintentionally laying eyes on two students clearly displaying every form of PDA that they can think of, consider yourself lucky. 

To the couple that made out in front of Mrs. Shay’s room that one time, this is for you. 

And to the students that sit on top of each other near the forum and shove their tongues down each other’s throats, pay attention.

Or for the freshman couples that block the middle of the hallway with their gag-worthy embraces, can you guys peel away for each other for one second to read this?

For those who do not know what PDA stands for, it means “public display of affection,” so any action a couple makes in public to show their affection towards each other. Furthermore, PDA is almost exclusively linked to high school couples. Although high school is a period of our lives when feelings flourish and hormones reach their all time high, it seems as though some of us seem to forget that we’re in an educational environment. 

Why exactly do so many students engage in PDA? To much amazement, according to The Independent, most couples that partake in PDA do it to show off that they are in a relationship; basically implying that couples believe they are better and more “hot” than the next other couple. 

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In addition to that, it almost seems as though there’s a competition between a certain number of couples to see which pair can cause the most passersby to shiver from being excruciatingly uncomfortable.

Yes, PDA is quite horrific in all its entirety, but the most shocking part of it all is how confident each pair is. Couples must be extremely comfortable in their relationships to flaunt their slobbering make out sessions to the entire student body so unapologetically. Though some couples conquer their biggest fears of being judged by fellow classmates while engaging in PDA, they should be more afraid of contracting mono, the kissing disease.

But is PDA even allowed here at school? 

Although there are strict policies and regulations as to what has been deemed acceptable and unacceptable public displays of affection by the staff and administrators here at Yorba Linda, students inevitably find ways to avoid being caught. 

It goes unsaid most of the time, but a majority of students at YLHS don’t necessarily appreciate the level of PDA that occurs around campus. Gina Ayyoub (12) shares her opinion, saying that “it’s kinda annoying, and it should be done literally anywhere but school.” Sam Philippi (12) expresses a similar stance, “I think it’s gross and unsanitary. No one wants to see it and there’s no need to do it.” 

Save our assistant principals, Dr. Dinh (Staff) and Mr. Okamoto (Staff), their sanities, please. Do them and everyone else a favor, and be considerate of who you’re around when you decide to engage in PDA.