Lincoln vs San Clemente Football Game Ruined by Racism.

Lincoln High School’s football starters who played against San Clemente.

Lincoln High School’s football starters who played against San Clemente.

Karina Shah, Editor

On September 16, a local football game between Lincoln High School and San Clemente High School turned wrong when students and parents on the San Clemente High made racist comments, causing the players on Lincoln’s team to leave. 


The Capistrano Unified School District and Lincoln High School are conducting investigations on students that were specifically targeted. Capistrano Unified spokesman Ryan Burris said that, “The district officials are reviewing about eight hours of video footage from the stadium, social media posts about the event, and interviewing students many students who attended the game” (San Diego Union Tribune). No consequences have been dealt, as no individual has yet been identified to have made these comments. 


The racially derogatory comments were directed mostly toward the players while they were on the field. Though some other instances include comments made to the cheerleaders and students in the restrooms. Comments consisted of the ‘’N-word,’’ ones claiming that African American people are all ‘‘loud and obnoxious,’’ and that African American cheerleaders “belong on a leash” (Orange County Sheriff Department). All comments were made by white students and parents toward African American individuals. 


In response the San Clemente principal, Chris Carter, wrote in a letter to all students and parents saying, “As the principal of San Clemente High School, I work with my faculty, staff, students, families and community to maintain the highest standards of respect for all individuals, we do not condone racist speech or actions at our school, and we unreservedly condemn hateful rhetoric that targets any person or group” (


Though no consequences have been issued, it is clear to understand from Carter’s letter that there will be no tolerance for what happened at the game. This is also supported by rumors that all students attending San Clemente will soon have to undergo a mandatory racial respect seminar. Suhani Bhanvadia (10), says that “They should have a mandatory respect seminar for everyone because they should learn that what they did was wrong”. 


Besides these rumors and the letter from the principal, nothing has actually been done. This enrages many community members as well as the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The San Diego branch of the NAACP has taken part in this by posting a letter on the NAACP website entitled “Racial harassment has no place in high school athletics.” 


In this letter, addressed to the San Clemente principal and the Capistrano Unified School District Superintendent, the NAACP wrote about the missing action needed from the school and the steps that they should be taking to prevent an event similar to this happening again. Clovis Honoré, President of this San Diego branch, writes, “We stand ready to assist with bias training and other resources to improve the attitude and response of the staff of such athletic events. We are considering further action, including seeking forfeiture of the game and suspension of SCHS from the CIF, as well as filing formal complaints with CUSD, the Equity Office of the California Department of Education, and the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Education.” Involvement of the NAACP has caused a higher pressure on the district to take more action but nonetheless, none has occurred.