YLHS After School Hotspot


Madison Miller

YLHS students pose for a picture while they wait to be seated at the local Denny’s.

Riley Pietsch, Photojouranlist

Students at Yorba Linda High School strive for nothing less than the best. Each and every student can be found working non-stop to perform to the best of their ability. Whether it is on the field, showing off their great athleticism, or in the classroom, proving their academic excellence, YLHS attendees are extremely focused on their schooling. But have you ever wondered where do these teens go to relax and hang out with friends after school? 

Many students can be found during their free time at the local Denny’s. Yes, that’s right, the diner-style restaurant chain is home to many YLHS students on weekends. With various options of meals from the “Build your own Grand Slam” breakfast to their new healthy “Tropical Green Smoothie,” Denny’s has options for everyone. The warm and welcoming environment is one of the various reasons students can constantly be found seated in their booths. With its kind staff and delicious menu, it truly is the hot spot in Yorba Linda.

Over the course of the school year, YLHS holds multiple dances that students are able to attend. Instead of going home after dances, most students are found at Denny’s. All throughout the diner, there are students dressed to the nines from the school dance they attended. It’s a common occurrence to find the vicinity primarily occupied by high schoolers. A common customer at Denny’s, Jordan Crothers (11), explained that “it is a great place to relax after such a high-intensity dance” and it is “a great way to end the night.” With its wonderful service and infamous “Wavy-Cut Fries,” there is no other place students would rather be after a night filled with dancing.

Not only do students go to Denny’s to catch up with friends, but it is also a great space to study. The calm ambiance of the decor and light, peaceful music provides the students with an amazing location to focus. Especially when finals are right around the corner, Rachel Lassalle (12) can be seen “studying there for hours.” Many study groups at YLHS are held at Denny’s because of the yummy food options. What is better than preparing for your exams while chowing down on chocolate chip pancakes?

Life at YLHS is very high-paced. Students are always busy, whether it is from their involvement in clubs and community service, to their dedication and academics, they are always working hard. Denny’s offers students a marvelous environment to relax and take a break from their stressful lives. Their large menu with various options ensures each customer a meal they will devour. Every staff member is respectful and hardworking, and some have even formed bonds with the customers from YLHS. Not only does it have great food, but it also serves as a sanctuary for many.