Linking Together


Emma Khamo

Link Crew Leaders at Freshmen Orientation over the summer teaching freshmen YLHS cheers

Abbie Muther, Photojournalist

It can be extremely intimidating walking into a new school and seeing people twice your size. Entering high school as a freshmen can be crazy. There are so many emotions running wild. But Link Crew is here to help make that transition easier. 


Going from an eighth grader in middle school to a ninth grader in high is a huge change.  Most people do not how big of a deal it is going into high school until it actually happens. It’s an exciting time and opens the doors to new opportunities. Yet just as it is exciting, it is scary. 


The main goal of Link Crew is to help the freshmen ease their way into high school. It is a way to get them involved and expose them to activities at Yorba Linda. Asking questions about events at school or where something is located can be scary, but Link Crew does whatever they can to make sure that all freshmen feel welcome and accepted on campus. Link Crew Leaders, like Caitlyn Guntle (12) want to make sure that all freshmen have an easy transition into high school and “feel like they always have someone to talk to and who can answer any questions they have.”


Right before the beginning of the school year, Link Crew holds an annual orientation for freshmen as a way for the incoming class to get a feel for their new home here on campus and learn about the various activities offered at YLHS. Consequently it provides them a chance to build new relationships with other students before the school year starts.  


During the school year, Link Crew Leaders stay in close contact with the freshmen. Not only can the start of the year be a bit tough, but there are times throughout the year in which an underclassman might have a question or simply just be in need of a friend, and Link Crew is unfailingly there. Link Crew Leaders want to make sure everyone feels accepted on campus all year long.


Activities are also frequently put on by Link Crew throughout the year. Most often, Link Crew will host a movie night on campus. Students and families of YLHS can come and watch a movie together. This helps to get students and their families more involved on campus. There are also lunchtime activities to get students more involved. During lunch, Link Crew Leaders set up games for students to play and win prizes. By participating, the students are putting themselves out there and showing school spirit.  Another common activity is a luncheon to welcome new freshmen students. The luncheons happen in the gym and all freshmen are welcome to come and eat food. 


Link Crew is just one of the programs that helps make YLHS so incredible. Not only does Link Crew help freshmen, they are willing to help anyone around campus. Link Crew helps everyone at YLHS link together.