YLHS FBLA Takes on OAT Day

Officer Adviser Training Day was a Great Success


Photo courtesy of Kobi Khong

All of the YLHS FBLA board members take a picture together during OAT Day.

Janet Han, Section Editor

Officer Advisor Training (OAT) Day for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) took place at Yorba Linda High School on Saturday, September 28. Over a hundred board members from FBLA chapters across Southern California attended the annual training day, engaging in workshops, networking, and making preparations for the upcoming school year.

FBLA, one of the largest student-run organizations in the world and a thriving club at Yorba Linda High School, allows high schoolers to immerse themselves in the business and professional world, teaching them lifelong skills and fostering new friendships. 

OAT Day brought the board members from different schools together so that they could learn from each other, the section officers, and even some special guest speakers.

The day kicked off with the opening ceremony, where guest speakers Rachel and Helen Lee from PRISM Backpacks shared their journey. The two identical twins revealed that they were also a part of their school’s FBLA when they were in high school, and graduated from UCLA recently to create their company. 

Then, the section officers introduced themselves before explaining how the day would proceed, telling attendees to check the color of their wristbands to see which workshop they would attend first. Following the random assignment, the attendees split into six different workshops, each led by a different section officer. Topics ranged from FBLA: Gaining and Retaining Members to Chapter Officers: FBLA’s Backbone. 

Workshops were engaging and lively, with the attendees quickly befriending fellow board members from different schools and learning how to improve their own FBLA chapters. After rotating through them, the members headed to the quad for lunch and more bonding.

It was super fun,” said Anna Zhang (11), secretary of YLHS FBLA, “I really liked meeting the members of other chapters.”

Pizza and a fun trivia quiz kept the mood light and exciting, with members volunteering to answer questions for a chance to win a donut or a raffle ticket. After lunch, the attendees headed to the library for Round Table, which consisted of members gathering around different tables to discuss various aspects of FBLA.

Finally, all of the board members headed to the closing ceremony, marking the end to a wonderfully productive and fun day for the FBLA officers.

“All our Yorba Linda FBLA officers were able to learn so much this year at OAT Day, including, but not limited to, how to make our club meetings fun and how to increase as well as maintain membership throughout the year,” said Sarah Chen (12), the president of YLHS FBLA. “We were also able to hear Rachel and Helen Lee, FBLA Alum and UCLA Graduates speak about their entrepreneurial experiences. Overall, it was a very rewarding and educational day, and we were so happy to be able to host it and meet FBLA officers from all the schools in the Southern Section.”

All of the other YLHS FBLA board members can agree with her, as OAT Day marks the beginning of what will hopefully be another wonderful year for YLHS FBLA.