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    Best Service Hour Opportunities in YL: How to Make a Difference in Your Community

    The logo for the organization “Meals on Wheels” that Drew Parmenter has been involved in.

    As high school students, we are required to earn a minimum of 40 community service hours to graduate. However, earning more hours than peers can often become a competition to get into a better college or earn more recognition. Community service often becomes a task and a race, when this idea of community service in theory should be the complete opposite. Serving the community should become a passion, and giving back can help you not only find love for others, but also find love for yourself. 

    First, the place I have been earning my community service hours for years is Friends Church. There are many places of worship within Yorba Linda and Orange County that welcome volunteers with open arms. Friends is just one place in particular I choose to give my time to. Regularly, I volunteer on Sunday mornings in kids care, usually with the 3 or 4-5 year olds. In doing this, I am able to strengthen my relationship with Christ while instilling a sense of God’s love into young children. Spending time giving back at my church is extremely special to me, because I grew up at Friends, and the staff and children hold a special place in my heart. Friends has many other volunteer opportunities, a notable one being VBS. During VBS (Vacation Bible Study) many children choose to follow God for the first time, while connecting with those around them through fun intentional activities.  

    One organization that has touched many lives is Meals on Wheels. Drew Parmenter (10) loves giving back to his community through giving food to those less fortunate. Fresh and frozen foods are prepared by the organization, and are then distributed by the many volunteers who give their time. Meals on Wheels has effectively provided meals for this in need, preventing nursing home admissions and creating large health care cost savings. One memory that sticks out to Drew when he looks back on this experience is the bond he has built with a kind older man and grandfather named Paul. Drew recounts visiting Emerald Aisle, an elderly home, where elders showed through gratitude and touched Drew’s heart. 

    Another amazing way to earn service hours while following your passion is helping coach athletes with the sport you play, or teaching children a skill you excel at. Maxton Shirai (10) earns community service coaching younger children hockey, which he has loved playing for years. Teaching and serving children builds a life-long relationship between you and the child, as well as gives them a mentor and a role model to look to in the future. This private lesson or coaching session may seem minor, but the impact you will have on childrens’ lives is truly significant. This allows you to enjoy what you are passionate about while helping younger children grow in and develop their passion. 

    the experience has been so rewarding and made me want to go back regardless of any service hours.

    — Mylie Brown

    The logo for the organization “Aceing Autism” that Mylie Brown shares about.

    Lastly, Mylie Brown (11) shares her love for volunteering with the organization, Aceing Autism. The goal of Aceing Autism is to foster connections among both volunteers and athletes with autism through teaching them tennis. Mylie says that “the experience has been so rewarding and made me want to go back regardless of any service hours. Getting to spend time with the kids who come and teach them a sport I can barely play myself has helped me step into a leadership role in my daily life.” For Mylie and the many others that volunteer alongside her, this act of service has become much more than simply checking off boxes, but instead, becoming something with deep meaning and significance. 

    Conclusively, giving back to the community through service should be something you look forward to and are excited about, instead of it being a task and a chore. Giving back is one of the most beautiful and selfless things we can do, and can help us take a moment to slow down and practice gratitude amidst our busy, constantly-moving lives. Finding a love and passion for service is the first step to living a fulfilling and significant life, so make an effort to open your eyes to the need for service around you!


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