Making A Splash! Spotlight on Men’s Water Polo


Cathy Dale

With arms outstretched to defend the goal, Austin Dale (11) blocks an opposing shot.

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor

“I remember the comeback in the game against Capo Valley.  We were down by four points. Ultimately, we won the game by four points,” Karson Criswell (12) recounts, describing one of the most memorable moments of the season.  “It was a long and hard-fought battle, and I remember feeling so hyped during and after the whole experience.”  

Down at the pool deck where the sunlight is harsh and the water is blue, the YLHS Men’s Water Polo team practices to ensure victory in another great season.  For some, it’s the first of many seasons to come; for others, it’s the last season of their high school career.  

With both familiar and fresh faces, the team looks stronger than ever.   United by a sense of camaraderie forged by the desire for self-improvement, the team works together in pursuit of victory.  Whether or not they’ll achieve victory remains to be seen; however, it is certain that this will be yet another exciting season for the team.

Karson Criswell (12) highlights the importance of team spirit, as he elaborates on one of his team’s pre-game traditions, explaining that “he and his friends would often just sit together and listen to music before games.  It’s both relaxing and motivating in a way.” Moments like these solidify the heavily-fortified bond between teammates, inspiring them to work harder for the benefit of the team.

According to, the season started with a close loss against Troy by a single point.  However, subsequent games, ended with a victory for the Yorba Linda Mustangs, with the final score against Fountain Valley and Canyon being a whopping 22-3 and 18-5, respectively,  in favor of the Mustangs.  

CIF is one goal which does not seem particularly distant for these talented Mustangs.  On the subject of CIF, Toring Stanley (10) expresses his belief that “we have a good chance at making it to CIF, as our team is strong, close-knit, and full of skilled players.” Toring’s belief is perfectly justified, as long hours in the pool, performing drill after drill, along with the drive for improvement ensures a flawless performance by these men. 

“For this season, I guess that we can hope to achieve victory and a place in the CIF,” Jacques Dutton (10) explains, describing his team’s aspirations for the season. “We hope to make the school proud with our achievements.” Truly, this season is one to be remembered, undeniably serving as a source of pride for YLHS.