Jonas Brothers’ Reunion


The Jonas Brothers almost 10 years after they broke up.

Malieka Khan, Editor

Recently the Jonas Brothers have gotten back together and their concert tickets are going for over $200 months in advance. With this new revelation in the music industry, but also this increase in their already wide popularity says a lot about today’s society and their fascination with nostalgia.

With their debut in 2007 on Disney Channel, they instantly became icons amongst the younger generation at the time. Now, that very generation is the older generation and they are back with a vengeance. This is clear in their sudden acceptance and rise in their popularity. “I remember watching and listening to the Jonas Brothers as a little girl for years until they suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth, but I’m glad to see that they are back” states Polly Bowman (11).

They are currently going on a tour starting on July 7th that will hopefully spark a road to an even greater rise in the music industry. This has already sparked several interviews wish James Gordon as well as even interview shows on the internet like “Hot Ones”.

From those twenty minute videos to sold out arenas, the Jonas Brothers have slowly began to take over the world again. However, they did not simply drift apart then decide to get together again in one day. Their reunion took months and months of therapy with each other to get their feelings all out about their past.

The truth about their past went from their clean, cut Disney past to one of them wanting to leave for a solo career: Nick Jonas.  He had wanted to leave the band to create an independent career for himself. In the end, he left the band and they eventually broke up fully weeks later. However, they had gone to months of counseling and even years of silence before reconciling for this reunion.

They finally are together and better than ever before. Hopefully, this will remain true through this summer and their upcoming tour that is almost sold out for various venues throughout the dates. As long as the members, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas, stay true to themselves and their family bond, they will skyrocket the way they did before.