Measles Outbreak in Orange County


Courtesy of LA Times

Measles poster to combat the disease.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

The measles epidemic has been spreading across the nation as a result of refusal to vaccinate. Thought to be virtually eradicated in the United States by the year 2000, many people have started not vaccinating their children due to false information that vaccines can cause autism (CDC). This disease has been on the lookout for quite some time because of the alarming numbers of children who are not getting these shots. The outbreak has been much closer to home than the accounts of the disease in New York and in Washington state.


Here in Orange County, California, two outbreaks of measles have been reported. The first account was a seven month baby at CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County). The baby was likely to have been exposed to measles in a public space. Because the baby is too young for vaccines, the baby will just have to pass over the disease under supervision of medical personnel (OC Register). The baby can receive the vaccine when he or she turns one years old.


The other outbreak in Orange County was reported in Placentia, bordering much of the west side of Yorba Linda. The outbreak was detailed to be a woman in her 20s. Reported to have gotten the disease from a third world country where she contracted the disease, the patient was able to save others by taking action-–she quarantined herself so that other people would not be harmed.


These outbreaks have shown the whole magnitude of this issue. Medical professionals have been urging everyone to vaccinate. It is much better to have a lesser chance of contracting a disease than a high chance. In order to stop the spread of more disease, it is vital for people to get their vaccinations to protect the greater good of all people. Agreeing with this statement, Caitlyn Truong (11) responded saying that “vaccines such as the measles and rubella shots were made for a reason–to combat diseases that are easily preventable.” Even though she thinks that people should get their vaccines, she “respects the opinions and decisions of those who chose to not get vaccinated.”


As the world advances in technology and medicine, more and more vaccines will be created. It is best that people protect themselves and others from getting harmful diseases. As the outbreaks are passed over, it is definitely interesting how the government will regulate vaccinations. The measles outbreak in Orange County is very small–for the overall protection of more people, please get vaccinated and stay safe in public areas.