The History of the Stable

Students attend a blue out and cheer on the football team at kickoff.

Students attend a blue out and cheer on the football team at kickoff.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

Since Yorba Linda High School opened in 2009 there has always been a variety of organizations that students could be involved in. There was sports, clubs, arts, and academics, yet there was not anything supporting any of these organizations. After five years of the school being opened the school created a student section called The Stable.

The Stable was created to encourage the student body to come out to all the different sports games and events. It is led by two Stable Leaders who plan events, themes, and cheers. It also gives students a place to sit during these activities where they can spend time with their fellow students, have fun, and show school pride. At the beginning of the school year every student has the opportunity to buy mustang pride gear. This includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and even hats. They also give out special spirit wear such as headbands and light up bracelets if you attend special games or pep rallies.

Most schools now a days have some sort of student section, but here at Yorba Linda High School, ours is special. Our students, and Stable Leaders, always make it a point to go above and beyond at every event they attend. Every event has something specific for The Stable members to wear. The most come of these include USA colors, red out, black out, white out, or blue out since our school colors are navy, crimson, and silver. Occasionally event themes will be a little more creative, such as western, hawaiian, or neon.

SInce The Stable was created it has continuously become more innovative and advanced. In 2018 the Orange County Register ranked The Stable as the 21st best student section in California. Although that may not sound that impressive, when you take into account that Yorba Linda High School has only been open for 10 years and The Stable has only existed for 5, it is rather extraordinary that we have been able to accomplish such a high ranking.

For many students The Stable is the best part of these events. Whether the students are in the stands, on the field, or on the stage, Mustang pride runs deep. Jessica Ryan (12) says her favorite part of going to Stable events is “the enormous school pride that shines through when all the students come together to cheer on athletes.” The Stable isn’t just for those in the stands though, Austin Sinclair (12) says when he is running in track meets he “always feels the support that The Stable brings and it pushes [him] to win more meets.” It is extraordinary that The Stable does such an amazing job of bonding the students and creating a unified and supportive student body.

With a school as new as Yorba Linda High School, one thing we are lacking of is deeply rooted traditions. The Stable is not an organization that has been around forever like some schools student sections, yet everything has to start somewhere. I personally believe it has been an honor to be a part of Yorba Linda High School’s first 10 years of existence, because that means that we all have gotten to take a part in the creation of traditions which is a unique opportunity itself. We are part of the early stages of The Stable and we will forever be a part of its history.