Full Circle: The Gathering of Dancers


The seniors of Dance Company all huddle together for their last dance.

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

The dance concert “Full Circle” was held on May 2nd-4th, making the last dance concert of the year. This concert was a really special one as it featured not only just Dance Company, but also advanced, intermediate, and beginning dance.


This concert had a total of 33 performances. The first dance was called “Queens”, and it was performed by Dance Company to mark the beginning of the show. It was choreographed by Ava Kough (12) and Zach Hernandez (11). One of the special things about this concert was that it held solos for all the seniors of Dance Company. The 6th dance was choreographed and performed by Noelle Roskopf (12), and it was called “The Last Time” as her goodbye to Dance Company. The 11th dance was called “To Me When I Was Three” which was performed and choreographed by Isabel Esquivel (12); this dance was a message to herself to look forward to the things in the future. The 16th dance was called “End” and was performed and choreographed by Macy Schreiber (12), the captain of Dance Company. This dance marked her last time to dance with and for Dance Company. Finally, the last solo was called “To You” which was choreographed and performed by Ava Kough (12) who is also a captain of Dance Company. This dance was a message to Dance Company, and she danced with all her passion and feelings into that special dance.


There were 2 more really special performances. The first was the 24th one, titled “The Senior Farewell Rally” and was choreographed by our Dance Company captains, Ava Kough (12), Macy Schreiber (12), and Zach Hernandez (11). The last dance was called “Senior Dance” and it was choreographed by Ava Kough (12), Macy Schreiber (12), Noelle Roskopf (12), Alyssa Sanford (12), and finally Isabel Esquivel (12). Of course the show wasn’t all that sad and depressing, as Dance Company performed some cute and fun dance like “Generations” which was choreographed by Isabel Esquivel (12) and it performed by Isabel Esquivel (12), Zaphera Fidelis (9), Emily Kraack (10), and Jordan Bruce (11). The song for the dance was “Schoolin’ Life” by Beyonce and it had a really bubbly feel as it featured them dancing with desks.


There was more to this show than just Dance Company, this show also featured Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginning Dance. Advanced Dance performed 2 songs, one was the 2nd performance which was a collection of Britney Spears songs and it was a jazz dance. Advanced Dance killed the dance with amazing moves and the Britney Look. The second dance they performed was called “2000’s” and it was a hip-hop dance. They took songs from the 2000s and made it into a mix. The intermediate dance was the 7th performance and their performance was called “Money” which had songs that were about money or had the word money. This dance was hip-hop and it had an amazing cool vibe as Intermediate Dance showed off the money. There were 2 Beginning Dance classes so the first Beginning Dance was the 17th dance, and their dance was called “Dancing Through The Decades”. The dance was composed of all the songs starting from the 70’s until present and they danced to a very cute hip-hop vibe. The last Beginning Dance performance was the 23rd dance and it was called “Jukebox”. This dance was a very light jazz dance and it lightened up the mood. All of these dances were choreographed by Mrs. Salas (staff).


This concert also featured other highlighting performances. The 23rd dance was called “Teacher Dance” and it featured teachers from our school. It was choreographed by Mrs. Salas (staff). There was also a tap performance for the 20th dance, choreographed by Claire Marshall and Maya Valenciano. There was also a vocal performance done by Elyse Bell (10) and she did an amazing job singing for all 3 nights!

This was a special concert for all of the dancers and performers in the concert. It was a light to many dancers. Sarah Parker (9), who featured in the 3rd period Beginning Dance performance, said that “I feel like Mrs. Salas did a phenomenal job organizing the concert and encouraging the dancers. All of the dancers did a great job with their routines and they had awesome energy!” Although this may be the last dance concert for the seniors in Dance Company, this was still a very memorable dance for all of us.