Tik Tok on the Clock


photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows

Popular users may receive anywhere from a thousand to multi-million likes on each post, and some of these users even receive money from the app for their popularity.

Sarah Meadows, photojournalist

From popular dance moves to popular songs, much of the social media trends are stemming from an app called “Tik Tok.” Tik Tok is an app where many teenagers flock to in order to try to become “Tik Tok famous” or to simply keep up with the times. Whatever the reason may be, this app has more and more teens captivated by the endless videos posted every day.


Tik Tok stemmed from the popular app, “Music.ly,” and is nearly identical to its predecessor.Teens would post videos of themselves dancing and singing along to popular songs of the time. However, after a period of skyrocketing popularity, the app seemed to become non-existent. Thus, the makers of Music.ly decided to change the face of their product, creating Tik Tok, with the hopes of gaining social recognition once again. Unequivocally, their plan worked. The app is back, bigger and better than ever. That is, until they have another inevitable fallout.


In order to attract more and more teens to purchase the app, Tik Tok made it rather easy to become Tik Tok famous. By putting completely normal and average teens on the “For You” page, many users would wake up with thousands of likes on one of their creations. Obviously, as the word got around, more and more teens wanted their own time in the spotlight.


As more and more kids purchased the app, screen recordings of famous Tik Toks made their way to the surface of other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. These users were then interested in seeing more Tik Tok videos, resulting in downloading the app to merely keep up with the trends.


So far, the only scandal the app has had is age requirement. The app has no age limit, resulting in many young users viewing videos that are rather inappropriate for their age. As a result, many users feel uncomfortable with posting videos that a younger audience may view on their “For You” page. Recently, the app added a feature asking the users how old they are in order to filter out appropriate videos for their individual feed. Nonetheless, this is simply a suggestion and not a requirement.


As of right now, the latest statistics show that there are over 500 million Tik Tok users worldwide. The question is, how long until people start to get bored of seeing the same songs and the same dances on repeat? According to Zachary Wein (9), “After a friend introduced me to Tik Tok, watching the videos almost became addictive. But after a while, they kind of became boring as I grew old of them.”


If this mindset continues to persist, it is only a matter of time before Tik Tok winds up like Music.ly, irrelevant and failing. But why worry about the future? Until that day comes, it is important to cherish the moment with each and every swipe as if it were the last swipe ever.