Senioritis, Is it Really the End?


The Wrangler

The time continues to tick off of seniors’ last and final year of high school.

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

Spending four years at the same school can be yes, sometimes taxing, monotonous, and boring; however, the continuous epidemic of senioritis continues to succumb students all over Yorba Linda High School. With a little over two full months left of school, the thoughts of whats next?, and where one is going to be attending college, takes over the minds of students not only here at YLHS, but that of the United States as a whole.


With final admission decisions continuing to roll in from all the University of California Schools, hearts, like always, break at the thought of not be accepted into the school they have wanted to go to since they were in elementary school. Whether it be Stanford or Grand Canyon University, the thought of being able to attend the school that one has always dreamt of, is something students are excited to start. But what is there to do in these few remaining months left of senior year?


For one, with the summer weather beginning to roll in, and the thought of summer break creeping around the corner, students try to hold off the anxiousness that being at the beach all day and hanging out with friends brings forth. For who would want to think of AP tests and Final exams when the weather is just perfect enough to spend the whole day adventuring? Well, that might have to wait a bit.


With AP exams starting at the beginning of May, the next month and so on is to prepare students for the exams these respective classes have been preparing them for the entire year. Whether it be AP Human Geography, or AP Literature, that of senioritis can, and sometimes succeeds, in getting into the minds of seniors to not only slack off, but to think off life beyond the gates of YLHS, rather than the present time. So, what are some ways to stop the senioritis rise up? Well, for one, the weekends and after school are a great time to go to the beach and do all the activities one can normally do in the summer. By spending weekends doing fun activities, the week can be devoted to finishing your senior year strong.


Zac Hardison (12), knows just how hard maintaining ones drive for school can be, especially “due to lacrosse season being in full swing. It is hard to not think about all the fun stuff you can be doing instead of sitting in a classroom” for the entirety of the day. Although senioritis can “be hard not to give into,” knowing that college and life in the real world awaits after graduation is something some kids either can’t wait for, or wish to hold off just a little bit longer.


Yes, senioritis is something that many students struggle with, but being able to combine both fun and school is just one way that the joys of senior year can mix with the adventures planned for Summer 2019.