Cole Smith: Spotlight on the Move



Above, Cole Smith displays his talents on the diamond in last years Angel Stadium Game.

Brandon Russell, Editor in Chief

When describing what being a true mustang is, and the morals that one is pushed to live by, Cole Smith, a senior here at Ylhs, checks all those boxes, and more. Being apart of both soccer and baseball here at Yorba Linda High School, Cole has repeatedly imputed himself into the daily life of school, and the activities that go along with it.


Being apart of ASB for now two years, Cole has continued to expand his horizons of knowledge and life far beyond the bounds of our school gates. Whether it be volunteering with the baseball team, or taking daily weekend beach trips with friends, Cole integrates his academic coursework with that of extracurricular adventure.


What sets Cole apart from most students is his utter drive to make everyone feel as though they belong here on campus. From talking to everyone he sees, to showing up everywhere with a smile, his utter sense of joy brings everyone together here on campus. His love for others, putting others before himself comes from “his upbringing and morals that [his] parents instilled in [him] since he was a toddler.”


His role as Ambassador last year on the ASB board aided him in building an environment around school that has continued to flourish within the borders of this great school. In addition to being apart of multiple sports and aiding in being apart of ASB, Cole has continued to venture into the world of the Next Step Drug Program, and Superintendents council. Voted onto the council for a second straight year, I have been honored to be apart of these programs with Cole over the past two years. Cam Carlson (12) loves seeing Cole’s “love for others shine through everything that he does. From bringing everyone together for Bachelor watch parties, or showing support for fellow mustang’s at every sport here on campus, “he always seems to know the right things to say when others really can’t.”


Personally, Cole has been a big part of my life before we took on this undiscovered world of High School. His drive for success, and sheer love for life drives not only himself, but me, to be my very best and put others before myself every day. Whether he decides to attend the University of Oregon, Northern Arizona University, or Boise State, I know that the morals he has instilled within our school, and in myself, will never be lost or forgotten. Not only am I honored to spotlight his achievements and his success in both school and life, but I am honored to call him my family.