Trump and Planned Parenthood


Despite extreme opposition, Trump proves once again that he does not care for the well being of the people of this country by attempting to block people to access services from Planned Parenthood.

Safia Khan, Photojournalist

While running for President back in 2016, Donald Trump had made his conservative views about abortion very clear. He went as far to say that women who do get an abortion should be punished.


Trump made it clear that he wanted to completely defund Planned Parenthood, but nothing had gone into effect yet. February 22, 2019 the Trump Administration had blocked funding for Planned Parenthood others over abortion referrals (The New York Times).


The block would drain clinics like Planned Parenthood of millions of dollars and “direct it toward religiously-based, anti-abortion groups,” because apparently that’s a lot more important than women having a choice to do what they want with their bodies.


Under this block, clinics can talk about abortion with patients but can choose to no longer counsel them on reproductive options and they cannot tell patients where they can get an abortion.


If these rules go completely into effect, many conservatives would see it as huge win.The popular far right argument made by many conservatives deems that abortion is “murder,” even though scientifically that is not accurate.  However, besides a religious argument, there is no valid argument against abortion. People also argue that they do not want their taxes going towards Planned Parenthood, yet they do not receive funding from the federal government (CNN).


According to their official website, Planned Parenthood gets grants and reimbursements for specific programs. What Trump intends to do is block patients who rely on public health care programs from going to Planned Parenthood health centers for care. If these alarming and horrific bills are passed, people using Medicaid or similar programs could lose access to vital services such as birth control, cancer screenings, annual exams, and STD testing and treatment (Planned Parenthood).


Athena Kieu (12) believes that “Planned Parenthood is not only a place where women can receive contraceptives, they can receive information about sexual health and help if needed.”


This disgusting excuse of legislation against the well being of women, not only rips away safe abortion options but also takes away all the other wonderful services Planned Parenthood provides (The New York Times).


In reaction to these attempted blocks, Stephanie Schriock who is president of EMILY’S List, an organization that supports the elections of pro-choice democratic females to office, says that the blocks “effectively dismantles Title X, forces doctors to lie and forbids them from referring their patients for abortion, and prevents women from being able to access Planned Parenthood’s services” (The New York Times).


It is absolutely disheartening and terrifying to see our once progressive country move in such a backwards direction and completely disregard the fine line between “Church and State.” The people currently in power show more and more every day that they do not care about the well being of the citizens of this country.