Power to the Girl



Celebrating the successes of women in March

Mabel Ra, Editor

March is Women’s History Month, signifying a 31-day long celebration to commemorate the significant feats and contributions women have made throughout history. This generation of millennials have modernized their views more than ever, giving more power and emphasis on the woman as they push for equality and change. In respect of Women’s History Month, here are a few special women that have evoked changes that will forever impact the way we live.


Harriet Tubman was a 19th century hero, commonly known as the “Moses of her people.” During the times of slavery in the United States, Tubman bravely showed her resistance to slavery. After making her escape from slavery in 1849, she returned to the South and through the Underground Railroad, aided the escape of dozens of slaves. Tubman stood up for what was right and made the selfless decision to return to the South– a place where she was wanted for capture– to aid others.


Susan B. Anthony was an emblem and advocate for women’s suffrage. Before the 19th Amendment, women were not allowed the right to vote. Anthony devoted herself to the women’s suffrage movement calling for equal representation under the law for all races, religions, and genders. In addition to her suffrage movements, Anthony was also an abolitionist who protested for their justice and emancipation.


Rosa Parks is well-known for playing a monumental role in the Civil Rights Movement. After slavery was abolished, racial segregation and discriminated continue to exist. Her most notable act of protest was refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama. With this seemingly small but incredibly impactful act, Parks helped ignite what would become the Civil Rights Movement, organizing a bus boycott, and enacting societal change. Amina Abdelbary (12) commends Parks for her “incredible bravery amidst a time of great discrimination.”


The power and ability of women is not confined to the limitations of the past. Now, more than ever, women are standing up and making change in society. One largely influential female is Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States. Over the years, Michelle Obama has launched several programs intended to benefit Americans’ lifestyles, including fighting childhood obesity, providing affordable and healthier school meals, and encouraging higher educations.


Women have the undeniable ability to challenge the status quo, make a difference, and change the world. This change, however, is only able to impact if we provide equal and fair opportunities for both genders in life. As we grow, as we learn, and as we live, learn from women of history and of present and celebrate the power of the girl!