All about Nellie!


Erica Casillas

Nellie at her senior year Winter Formal

Salma Almoradi, Photojournalist

Senior Nellie Pinkevich is an ambitious and hardworking student at Yorba Linda High School. Born and raised in Yorba Linda, she has always felt like it is the best home to be living in. Her dad is from Belarus and her mom is from Ukraine. She loves to share her background since it is what makes her special. Nellie has an older sister who she misses because she is currently a sophomore at Biola University. Also, Nellie has her two dogs Maya and Sharik that she loves very much and plays with them all the time.


Nellie has several hobbies. Some of them include hanging out with friends, seeing a movie, and exploring new food places to try out. By far, her favorite treat is boba, especially the one from   Half and Half. When she is older, she wants to be an RN serving in pediatrics. Essentially, that means after graduating from high school, she plans on majoring in nursing. Ever since middle school, she knew she wanted to do nursing because she has felt that she would like to be able to help people out and help them live a healthy, happy life  . On top of that, she looks forward to serving in the medical field to get to know new patients. She really hopes to get accepted into her dream school, San Diego State University, so that she can experience living in a different new city but still be close to her home. Nellie is also excited to meet new people there and be a part of its great  nursing program.


Currently, Nellie is taking Economics/ Government, AP Physics, Bible as Literature, and is a Teacher Aid for Ms. Ferris. She is also taking a medical assistant ROP class which is also her favorite class right now. According to her, she is taking it because “ [she] think[s] it would be really beneficial to helping [her] in the future and is really teaching [her] a lot, such as how to give injections, taking vital signs, or drawing blood.” Her favorite teachers at Yorba Linda High School are Mr. Walls and Ms. Ferris. Mr. Walls is her favorite because he always shares the best stories of his different experiences; he also always seems to care about every single one of his students and has the best relationships with them to make sure everyone is having a good time and does well in his class. Ms. Ferris is another one of Nellie’s favorite teachers because she truly taught her a variety of concepts in Language Arts in an enjoyable way. Ms. Ferris is also very special and different from other teachers as she is funny and makes sure her students are learning in her class.


Although Nellie is not doing it this year, she has been in Color Guard since 7th grade in middle school and continued it all the way until her junior year. However, she stopped  because she wanted to focus more on improving her grades. She remembers loving the bond she had with her team members. Nellie joined it initially because she wanted to keep practicing her strengths,loved the performing environment and wanted to express her talents. She learned to trust others, care for her team through all the bumps in the road, and cherish the fun times she had in Color Guard. Nellie is also vice president of FIDM fashion club, and is a part of NHS, PTSA, Link Crew, Comedy Sportz, and CSF. Even though Nellie was not in plays, she contributed to the school’s theatre class by being a costume manager for the play Elephant Man and she is doing costumes again for the play The Drowsy Chaperone. Comedy Sportz is the best club she is in because she loves being with her closest friends in it and feels that it is something different to do. After trying it for the first time freshman year, she fell in love with it after it gave her lots of laughs and caused her to play a variety of fun games as well as taught her to be hard working and be herself.


After four years of being at Yorba Linda High School, her best memory is her senior year’s winter formal because of being with the people she loved and getting all dressed up. The thought of Nellie graduating this year gives her overwhelming emotions. While she is happy because she is moving on to see where her future takes her and starting a new chapter in her life, she is sad to leave some of the people that she has grown close to throughout the past four years. Clearly, Nellie is an amazing person and will undoubtedly succeeds in all her future endeavours!