Do Celebrities Have No Business In Politics?


Malieka Khan

This is a survey taken on social media to see Yorba Linda High School student’s feelings towards celebrities and them expressing their opinions on politics.

Malieka Khan, Editor

Ever since 2016 politics have become more prominent in society as a whole leaving it as the source of many conversations. However, though everyone has an opinion, is it up to those in the spotlight to express these opinions and spread their ideas of what they deem to be good?

Recently, Kanye West had gone on the television show Saturday Night Live and delivered a speech while wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat. He began to explain his story about how he had originally been told not to wear that hat on stage. After, he said he wore that hat and began to state how people should not just judge based off first glance.

Many had been upset with this due to the fact that they saw it as him supporting Trump when stereotypically Trump had been seen as semi racist in his past comments as well as expressed several opposite opinions on issues in which West believed opposite from. Mostly, people had been up in arms stating how he presented several altering facts on history that could be seen as offensive and disrespectful to several races and genders.

Still, his opinion stood and though everyone is subject to freedom of speech people are calling him out on his bias and–what seems to be–an unpopular opinion. Yet, when other artists such as Taylor Swift speak out on her beliefs she is met with a wide circle of praise. This is especially true due to the fact that she is not seen to be a President Trump supporter.

Several sources have pointed out the hypocrisy of this situation, yet it begs the question on whether or not celebrities should get involved in politics in the first place. Their wide reach and influence could truly spark a change in the world if utilized, but should they use that power to their advantage?

In a survey constructed with a poll of 25 Yorba Linda High School students, 68% of the students stated that they believed celebrities should express their opinions in public while 32% believed the opposite. As a general populous, the students of Yorba Linda High School do believe that celebrities are allowed to speak freely on the issues they deem necessary in society as everyday people are allowed to.

This can be represented through the idea that “it is fine for anyone to give their opinion on politics as long as they understand the basic facts and are not simply saying random things” as Ashley Payne (11) states. Personally, I do believe that though they can express their opinions and should be encouraged to, no one, including celebrities, should preach or push their beliefs on another person who does not want to hear them.

As a society, people should not be shamed for their opinions as they should not be forced into a belief they believe to be false. Politics and opinions should not ruin relationships and careers in many of the ways it does especially when they are from the past let alone recent.