The Olympic Rally: Behind the Scenes


Katrina Wynn

Zachary Hernandez (11) dances in the Junior dance.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Every year the Olympic Rally is one for the books. All ages, from freshmen to staff, come together to compete in one big tournament. At the end of the two week competition, the whole school gathers in the gym to watch the final few performances that would decide what class is the champions. While the games involved in the two week long competition are fun to participate in, the behind the scene planning is a long one.  

Mackenzie Warner (12), one of the Rally Commissioners in ASB, was the mastermind behind the Olympic Rally this year along with Alison Sweeney (11). According to Mackenzie,   “The process for planning a rally is very time consuming but so worth every moment.”

They begin by making a deadline list of when things have to be done so that they don’t fall behind. Then they start to come up with ideas for decorations, who is performing, and what new events they are going to add. It begins to develop into a real event that they work on for months. Once they finalize the script and minute by minute, make job lists for ASB students, and hold auditions for the National Anthem and Alma Mater.

After all of this, it is time to make the supply cart. This part is critical because it is when everything is set out and ready to take down to the gym for set up that evening. The supply cart holds everything from huge bags to tiny t-pins. Once this is done the rally becomes even more real.

Finally, it is time for setting up. According to Mackenzie Warner (12) “this is [her] favorite part [of the entire process] because this is when all [her thoughts and] ideas are mapped out and become real.” Once every job and task is done it is time for the first run through. This is probably the most stressful part for everyone. Everyone is running about making sure everything runs smoothly in somewhat if an orderly fashion and stressing over making sure everyone knows what is going on. It is about 9:00 PM when that is over and it’s time to go home.

The next morning at 6:50 AM ASB does their last minute preparations before the final run through. Then it’s time to do the final run through before the actual rally. Once this is done everyone does ride that pony with everyone who is there, it’s become a fun tradition for everyone working on the rally. 15 minutes later, the first rally starts and my all of Mackenzie and Alison’s hard work has finally paid off. They get to walk students walk into the gym with excitement over being apart of another rally at Yorba Linda High School.

Overall, both rallies this year have been successful this year because of the hard work put in by these two hard working ladies. Without their organizational skills, the rallies would not be the same. The overall winner of the games were the Juniors. The Seniors got second, Staff got third, Sophomores got fourth, and Freshmen got fifth place.