We = Satisfied + Grateful


(Photo Courtesy of Sarah Meadows)

As depicted, the epitome of California weather is sunny and warm; however, we also receive periods of heavy rain.

Sarah Meadows, Photojournalist

As winter’s rainy season rapidly approaches its peak, California seems to be overflowing with the sights, sounds, and smells of early spring. As bustling bees kiss flower after flower and flowing water hugs each blade of green grass, it is obvious that despite the record-breaking fires this year, the rainy season is trying its best to compensate for such utter devastation. Indeed, the rain is needed. However, is it wanted?


In a survey of 50 Yorba Linda High Schoolers, grades 9-12, 39 said that they wanted it to rain as much as possible. The remaining 11 said that they did not want it to rain as much as possible but rather as least as possible. Additionally, there were a few students, including Bryan Gilman, who neither wanted nor did not want it to rain. Bryan Gilman (10), explained that, “The rain is a nice change of weather but only when you feel like being locked up in the house all day. Otherwise, it is not very nice. Only sometimes” Quite frankly, that very feeling of being “locked up” determines the emotional attachment or detachment that comes with rainy days. Unequivocally, there is indeed psychology behind such days.


Staying indoors all days results in a decreased level of sun exposure. A lack of such natural light causes the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for the body’s feeling of euphoria, to not be released as efficiently and effectively, thus making some feel sad. Others, however, are naturally able to override the sadness with the happiness that comes out of skipping practice and laying on the couch next to the fireplace watching Netflix all day.


Looking at the big picture, according to CBS, an article called, “Suicide: 20 states with highest rates,” Alaska is listed as number one. With the lack of sunlight that Alaska receives, scientifically, this is no surprise. With this, it is also no surprise that a state like California has one of the smallest suicide rates in the United States.

So, once again, is rain wanted? The answer is, “only sometimes.” Everything works best in moderation. Why else would there be seasons? Sometimes it should be sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes dry, and sometimes rainy. When one experiences true seasons, they do not wish for what they do not have, as they have everything. Nonetheless, it is not easy to have the best of all worlds. Places, such as California, that experience sunny, cloudy, dry, and rainy weather all in one year are often expensive to live in. Honestly, there is no other place in the world that can rain for weeks straight a few months after week-long devastating fires. Thus, the students of Yorba Linda High School, and the citizens of all of California for that matter, need to learn how to pick up a football when it is sunny and turn on a football game when it is rainy. We, as a whole, should be grateful for where we live and satisfied by how we live. Grateful and satisfied. That is who we are.