Stress Less


Juliette Fournier

Finals are slowly approaching and the work load may be overwhelming to some students.

Juliette Fournier, Editor

Finals are quickly approaching, meaning YLHS will soon be filled with stressed, over-caffeinated zombies roaming the campus. To combat this stressful time, students should try the following methods to control and overcome the stress of finals week.

  1. Exercise: Yes, seriously. Though students may feel too lazy to exercise, it is a great way to release stress. It doesn’t have to be an overly intense workout; even a 20 minute workout or 30 minute walk can help clear one’s head and have a fresh mind. Studying for hours non-stop is a waste of already limited time. Taking a break and moving around will help.
  2. Yoga/ Meditation: It may seem completely ridiculous to some people, but doing yoga or meditating does help decrease stress. They will help clear your mind, similar to exercise, and help to avoid panicking during finals. Take deep breaths, even right before taking the test, to decrease your anxiety and nerves. Just know that, if you’re well-prepared, you’ll be fine.
  3. Study: They say the more prepared you are, the better, but it’s important to realize non-stop studying will simply exhaust your mind. Try making a schedule of how much to study each day and how long for each subject. I recommend starting a little less than a week before, focusing on your hardest classes or the classes with the most material. Do so in sessions of 45 minutes to about an hour with 10 minute breaks in between. Be sure not to disregard easier classes. Try to do a good portion the week/ weekend before so you’re not cramming the day before the exam. Also, make sure to ask your friends or teachers questions you may have prior to the exam.
  4. Sleep: According to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, teens need between seven and nine hours of sleep, so do your best to do so. It’s tough, especially when you feel you have to keep studying, but try to set your limit to 11 pm. Getting that amount of sleep will ensure you are able to concentrate on your finals without yawning every five seconds. Otherwise, try taking a small nap after school to refresh your mind before starting to study. Remember to set an alarm so you don’t oversleep!
  5. Motivation: Give yourself motivation to study. Make small goals for yourself to reach each study session. For example, tell yourself you can’t watch Netflix or hang out with your friends until you finish studying. This will motivate you to not procrastinate. Avoid distractions by putting your phone aside and making sure you study in the right place. Plan something to do with your friends/ family when finals are over; again, it will motivate you to make it through this stressful week.

Confidence: Be confident. Don’t go in defeated. Listen to an uplifting song or surround yourself with people that support you before taking the test. Allison Zambrano (12) knows “it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the things you have to do,” but she recommends “to take a minute and just take a deep breath and encourage yourself.” She emphasizes the importance of “telling yourself you’ve got this… A test score… doesn’t define your intelligence or self-worth.”  Do the best you can, and don’t panic. You’ll do great Mustangs! Best of luck on all your finals!