Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

The staff on stage talk to one another as the ceremony comes to an end.

Savannah Pietsch

The staff on stage talk to one another as the ceremony comes to an end.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Being able to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the opening of the school you attend is something that few can say they have witnessed. This year is the tenth year anniversary of Yorba Linda High School, and on December 10, staff and students gathered in the quad to celebrate the big day.

The ceremony started with a speech given by Mrs. Shay (Staff), who has been teaching at YLHS since the opening day. She walked out onto the podium and talked about the first years and how our school has changed as a whole. She spoke about how Mr. Flynn (Staff), Nathan Shapell, and the city of Yorba Linda took a dream and made it into a reality.

Next, Mr. Flynn went up to the podium and gave a little speech. He talked about his ten years, and after that passed the mic off to Mr. Lejano (Staff). Mr. Lejano then gave a speech about all of the accomplishments YLHS has made since it opened. He went on to say how many CIF champions YLHS school has won, league champions, academic achievements, and all of the arts achievements YLHS has won in just one decade. According to Emily Remer (12) the event was super fun to watch at she said it was “crazy how far Yorba Linda High School has come in just ten years.”

After that Lauren Bui (12), Yorba Linda High School’s ASB President, went out and also gave a  speech. She mentioned what being a mustang meant to her and how it has impacted her life. She then went to mention how proud she is to be able to talk on behalf of the entire student body on this special day. As Lauren wrapped up her speech, Mrs. Runge (Staff), Mrs. Shay, Mr. Lejano, Dr. Dihn (Staff), Mr. Okamoto (Staff), Cole Smith (12), Yorba Linda High School’s ASB Ambassador, and Lauren Bui all helped Mr. Flynn cut the ribbon.  Ten years ago, a ribbon cutting ceremony commenced in a similar fashion as this one.

As this was happening, the rest of the school counted down from 10 all the way to one. Once the school got to one, ASB students around campus popped confetti poppers around campus to commemorate the ten years.

Overall, it was a great celebration with many memorable speeches and memories. Congratulations to all the staff for making it a memorable ten years.