19 Challenges for the New Year


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Make 2019 a productive year!

Mabel Ra, Editor

The celebration of the new year is well known as a “fresh start” for people to work on themselves and make resolutions to follow through on throughout the year. In recognition of this tradition, here are 19 different ways to challenge yourself this new year.


  1. Write in a journal

Writing in a journal or diary can be one of the best outlets to express your emotions on a timely basis. It can relieve stress and celebrate excitements, in addition to keeping details of your memories.

2. Plan a trip

Going on vacation can be expensive, but by planning in advance, you can save your money. Research the best times to visit, weather, places to stay, dining, and entertainment beforehand to ensure a worthwhile trip.

3. Build better work habits

This year, challenge yourself to develop better work habits: plan ahead, start early, take breaks, and don’t procrastinate.

4. Cook new recipes

Cooking can be a fun activity or hobby to learn. Search interesting and tasty recipes online or in cooking books. Follow the directions, and eat up!

5. Limit time on technology

How many hours did you spend on your phone in 2018? Although it can be useful and beneficial, these tech gadgets can be addictive and energy consuming.

6. Exercise

Contrary to popular belief, exercising isn’t limited to hour long workouts at the gym, although that is one option. Alternatively, coordinate a consistent schedule for you to work on cardio, stretches, weights, etc.

7. Compliment a stranger

Practice positivity! When you do selfless acts to benefit others, you will also feel a great satisfaction in knowing your impact.

8. Compliment yourself

Positivity isn’t just reserved for others; practice self-love and compassion to yourself!

9. Begin a new hobby

To make your days more entertaining, reach out of your comfort zone and try to find a new hobby. Sports, drawing, dancing, etc.

10. Try mediation

If 2018 was a stressful year for you, try meditating this year! Meditation reduces stress, promotes mental health, and lessens anxiety.

11. Read a book

In a modern society, it’s good to go back to the “olden” days. Read a book! There are millions of them out there.

12. Learn a new language

Learning a new language embraces culture, acceptance, and is a definite step to world peace. Download apps, purchase books, or take a class! Audrey Takenaga (12) is learning the Korean language!

13. Follow a sleep schedule

If you are feeling tired and down, try creating a sleep schedule and actually following it. With a regular sleep pattern, you’ll notice your energy levels stay high.

14. Discover new music

There’s so much music out there– listen to it! Discover new artists, songs, and have a jam session.

15. Get educated

Take the time to educate yourself, in addition to having fun. Learn about something you are passionate about.

16. Downsize your closet

Clean out your closet! Donate or sell the clothing items that no longer fit you or your style.

17. Save up your money

You’ll be grateful for this in the future.

18. Volunteer

Volunteer at senior homes, homeless shelters, animal rescues, and service organizations.

19. Write in a planner

Make 2019 the year you are on top of things! Plan out your days, weeks, months, and you’ll have a good understanding of what’s to come.


New years hold all the excitement and opportunities for a newer, better you. Even if in small amounts, try challenging yourself daily and maintain a streak of consistent improvement. Happy 2019!