Club Spotlight: PTSA


PTSA is one of the biggest clubs on campus.

There are many clubs and organizations on YLHS’s campus that help out the community. One that goes above and beyond is PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association). This organization not only helps make teachers on our campus feel loved and appreciated each month, but also helps the community through their monthly projects.

PTSA is an organization that consists of about one hundred and fifty students that is overseen by three adults; Mrs. Shank, Mrs. Bradburn, and Mrs. Brubaker. This years student PTSA President is Karissa Dole (12) and parent PTSA President is Mrs. Johnson. These five, along with numerous other members of the organization have come together to create a year full of monthly activities that benefit Yorba Linda.

The first big event that is held on campus for PTSA is career day. On Career Day, a few selected students are asked to help each speaker that comes to talk to Yorba Linda High School students. In the morning before the event, PTSA students are asked to escort speakers to the library for a breakfast sponsored by PTSA. Each speaker is then escorted by the assigned PTSA members to the room they are going to present in. After they speak for three time periods, they get to go back to the library for lunch.

The first prominent after-school event PTSA hosts is a toy drive for a local orphanage. Each student in PTSA is given a child that they have to buy something for. Most of the kids asking for something want an easy donation like warm clothes or a new toy that came out recently. It is a great service project for students because they not only get to help someone else have a nice holiday, but they also are able to see that not everyone is as fortunate as they are.

The next major service project is Mustang Pride Day. At this event, all members are given a different section of the campus that they have to clean and beautify. According to Riley Pietsch (10) her favorite service project of the year is Mustang Pride Day because even though it is “hard work, but by the end of the day, the school looks so much nicer.”

Let’s not forget about the items members create for the teachers every month. Each month, students make goody bags full of candy that have a little motivational saying on a card tied to the bag. Then in December each student is asked to make a dozen holiday cookies for the students to eat throughout their day at work. In February, students are asked to bring in a dozen homemade cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. The biggest food event of the year is the Teacher Breakfast held at the end of the year. Each student is asked to make or bring in items for the event.

Overall, PTSA is an inspiring organization that is always growing and welcomes more students. Recently, the organization has branched out to help dog shelter and adoption shelters. According to Katrina Wynn (12), the dog adoption was her favorite service project because she “got to spend the day with dogs and help them find loving homes.” They are also looking to help clean up beaches and help the elderly. If any students are in need of service hours, this organization is definitely a way to get them.