Winter Fashion Trends 2018


Oversized puffer jackets have been one of many trends this season.

Safia Khan, Photo Journalist

As the year approaches December, and the temperature continuously drops, the newest winter trends have began emerging.

For Californians, anything below 70° calls for a winter jacket. This season puffer coats and ski jackets have become a favorite. Both men and women have taken a liking to this trend. Another commonly seen winter trend amongst women are fluffy, faux sheep wool jackets. The trending colors in these jackets seem to be tan shades. Wearing extra long sleeves that run past the hands is also a very common trend this winter.

Pastel colors are also becoming prominent this season, especially pastel blue. High end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Prada have even incorporated these colors into their winter collections (

Faux fur has also been integrated a lot this season, with people opting for a fashionable yet cruelty free statement. The faux fur and sheep wool jackets have interestingly created a theme of textured outerwear this season that consumers seem to really enjoys.

Patterns such as animal prints and checkered items have been popular as well. From scarves to coats people have gotten more and more creative with their style.

Another popular casual trending fashion statement this winter is layering. Many people are layering turtlenecks or sweaters under their coats and jackets. One of the most popular versions of this trend being layering a denim jacket on top of sweatshirts. Many celebrities such as Kendall Jenner have embraced this look a multitude of times.

With current temperatures it is no surprise why this has become a trend. One could also layer other types of jackets such as leather jackets or coats on top sweaters. Navy overcoats have also been a staple piece in most peoples’ winter wardrobes (Elle).

Melody Saba (12) says that her “favorite trends this season would probably be the soft textured outerwear and layering sweatshirts and jackets. Since it’s always cold in the morning [she] always finds [herself] layering [her] outfits so that [she] can stay warm throughout the day”

Although a lot of new trends have come out this season many trends stay the same. Accessories such as boots, scarves, and beanies will probably always be here to stay with us this time of year. However platform boots and leather gloves have become an increasingly popular trend this season. Along with the new winter season comes a time for new clothes that ultimately aim to keep everyone warm during the span of the California holidays.