The Dance Concert “X”


Eunice Ahn

Dance Company posing after a song

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

The dance concert “X” which was held on December 6-8 celebrated the tenth birthday of YLHS. Together, both Dance Company and Advanced Dance held a show with wonderful dances that really showcased YLHS’s spirit.


In total, there were 20 dances and each one was different in its own way. The first dance was the Spirit Rally, and it was choreographed by the Dance Company captains: Ava Kough (12),  Macy Schreiber (12), and Zach Hernandez (11). They performed this dance on Spirit Rally day and started off the show with it, bringing up the excitement. After that, Advanced Dance did a Country Throwdown dance, which was choreographed by Ms. Maez (staff). This dance used country songs and they put in a mixture of hip hop into it. They then had Dance Company show dances that they had choreographed on their own like “Promise” by Sam Smith, choreographed by Zaphera Fidelis (9), or “Come Home” by One Republic, choreographed by Jordan Bruce (11). The dance showed a mixture of hip hop with a bit of contemporary and it showed great emotions with the song touching many people’s hearts. Advanced Dance performed another dance which was titled The Jungle and it showed them dressed as animals dancing to songs.


After intermission, they danced to ten more songs such as “Sticks and Stones,” which was a spoken word choreographed by Isabel Esquivel (12); it had a mixture of contemporary dance and it showed the emotions and struggles and pain of being bullied. Another one was “Too Good” and it was choreographed by dancers in advanced dance, Kaitlyn Pak, Jaida Anekwe, Madeline Ho, Christine Lee, and Amber Li. The dance had a mixture of songs with hip hop. It was also a very cheerful powerful dance that brought up the mood. At the end of the show, all of Dance Company came out and danced to the homecoming dance, which was choreographed by the dance captains Ava Kough (12),  Macy Schreiber (12), and Zach Hernandez (11). The dance had a very strong sense of hip hop to it, and it showed the hard work of dance company at the end of the show. Zaphera Fidelis (9) added on saying, “Being in this concert is like a dream come true and just being able to choreograph and being able to dance with this wonderful team is just so amazing. It’s just an amazing feeling to have.”


The Dance Concert was performed really well and many students enjoyed it. This concert celebrated YLHS’s tenth birthday with spectacular dances that were a pleasure to watch.