Taking the Next Step Into Drug Resistance


Brandon Russell

Above, the program endorses our youth to live drug free and to positively influence others.

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

That of the fight against drug violence is a continuing and ongoing trial in which that of both police officers, students, and faculty are involved with. With more and more substances beginning to make their prominence known within that of the youth in our society, that of the Next Step Drug Program, held on Ylhs campus, is just one of the ways that of the fight against drug use in our young children is attempting to be halted.


Known as the Next Step Drug Program, the main goal of this newly established program is to allow students to take the “next step” into that of getting away from the effects in which that of drug violence and abuse causes. By having students such as myself, and my other peers, the hope is that that of the students will be able to realize just how uncool and unpopular that of drug use is, and ultimately not use these substances.


Formed by that of the California Highway Patrol here in Orange County, and made up of hand chosen students here at Ylhs, the fight against drug violence is starting to take over the minds of the students involved within the program. Aiming to prevent that of drug use, the program was formed in order for students here at Ylhs to go to middle schools and talk to kids about that of the long lasting horrific effects of drugs, and how they aren’t necessary throughout that of life. Kacie Garrity (12) can’t get enough of the program because “being able to help young children and almost try to be a role model and influence them is something that [she] loves to do,” and hopes to continue to do throughout that of the entirety of the program.


Specifically, Cameron Carlson (12), is honored to be apart of this program because it is “such a great opportunity to talk to young students about how that of using drugs isn’t seen as a cool thing or something that gains people more popularity,” but rather as a horrific alternative to that of happiness and life.


Along with that of talking to students, sharing stories, and explaining that of drug violence, students in the program also get to immerse themselves within that of the real problems drugs cause and the ultimate and absolute affects in which they produce. Deputy Soapes and Deputy Doty, the advisers of this program, help students completely realize what these drugs do and just how little the majority of the public actually knows about that of drug violence and the pain that it causes to users.


Although every student that we talk to may not adhere or even listen to what we have to say; That of empathizing or even changing the mind of one kid, is more than worth it.