Queens of the Court

The girls on Varsity huddle to talk about their next play of the game.

Katrina Wynn

The girls on Varsity huddle to talk about their next play of the game.

Delaney Pietsch, Photojournalist

With every new year comes new players, along with old. Last year’s YLHS Varsity Women’s Volleyball team consisted mostly of seniors. Mrs. Chavez (Staff), the coach, had to bring in many new players up to Varsity. They have spent countless hours each day preparing for the season, especially the Esperanza Game.

This past week, on September 25, Yorba Linda’s Women’s Volleyball teams took on their rivals, Esperanza. For frosh/soph, it was an easy win. They defeated Esperanza in only two games, out of three. Then it was junior varsity’s time to compete. Even though they did not win, they put up a good fight. They destroyed Esperanza in the first round. They were not as lucky in the second round when Esperanza came back and beat them. In the third round, both teams were neck and neck. YLHS was winning for the majority of the game, but at the last second Esperanza came back and won the game.

Finally, it was time for varsity to compete. For varsity games it is best out of five and the game went to only three rounds. It was a tough game for the girls, considering that the other team had a Junior Olympic player on their side, but our team put up a good fight. In the first game, we were still getting acclimated to the other teams style. By the second game, our girls were able to shine, almost winning. In the third game, we were up for the entirety of the round. The crowd was going crazy because we were finally playing like the team everyone recognizes. Esperanza, however, came back and won the game in the last few points.

The loss of the Esperanza game has not stopped the girls from practicing and preparing to take on each team to come. They are working overtime to win the upcoming games of their ending season. According to Rachel Lasalle (11), “volleyball is a fast sport, so each player must stay on their toes” in anticipation for the next play. The team prepares for each game through scrimmages and going over their rotations. During the game, everyone must be prepared and bring their energy to ensure the team will get the win.  

Their fall season is almost over.  Be sure to catch their last game on October 10.