Is Dance an Art or Sport


Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

“Lebron James couldn’t do what you just did.” Jennifer Lopez said on the show World of Dance. This shows that no matter how good an athlete is, they cannot be great at everything. Even one of the greatest basketball players would probably not be able to dance as well as he can play basketball. This leads to the question: is dance an art or a sport?

Ms. Maez (staff), the dance teacher here at YLHS said that she believes that dance is an art. She explained that , “dance is an art, it’s about expression and it has a story to it.” This raises the question of whether she thinks dance is an art or a sport. She replied that she thinks dance is a sport, but if we were to look at it overall, it is an art.

Mrs. Shube (staff), the cheer and song teacher, said that it depends on the purpose of the dance. If it is for entertainment or to express something, then she considers it an art. If it is for sports or for competitions, then she says it is a sport. This led to another question; does she not see dance as a sport? She replied that one of the things that upset her is when people say that dance isn’t a sport and only an art. She believes people usually say this because they haven’t really experienced dancing. Others, she said, say that dancing is not a sport because there is no score board. However, she pointed out, then what makes gymnastics and ice skating sports?  They have no score board either. Overall, she said, she finds dancing both an art or a sport, but if people diminish it to only an art, she feels upset about the fact that they don’t see it as a sport.

Sam Vu (11), a dancer at YLHS, said that he thinks dancing is an art. He explained that it is mostly expression, portraying a dancer’s feelings or a story about something. However, does this mean that he thinks dancing is not a sport at all? He replied that it is also a sport because dancing involves endurance, flexibility, and stamina, but overall, although dance is an art and sport, it leans more towards art.

In the end, dancing is both an art and a sport. Even though it leans towards art, dancing is also a sport because it requires the same strength and athletic ability that other professional athletes that play sports like basketball, baseball, and more need.