Student Spotlight: Emma Davidson


Emma Davidson

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Emma Davidson (12) is a YLHS student that goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations. With her amazing passion, driven nature with everything she does, and her kind-spirited personality, Emma can truly do anything she wants to do. So far, during her high school career she has accomplished plenty. Allthough it has been very stressful, being the person she is, Emma can take on anything and everything that comes her way.

Emma has been doing a lot of sports her whole life. She did swim and played volleyball up until sophomore year. However, Emma decided to drop volleyball to focus on swimming at the beginning of 2017 so that she could be recruited. As soon as she started training swim full time “[She] got a lot faster and dropped a lot of time”, explained Emma.  She got her first national cut after only swimming for 6 months. Following her national achievement, Emma began to get recruited based on her potential by various Division 1, pac 12 and ivy league schools (USC, Harvard, UT Austin, Duke, Princeton, etc). Still, her dream was to get into the University of California Berkeley. After hours of practice, she worked hard to get on their radar. Emma kept getting faster and was finally being recruited by Cal based on her potential for the future. As of May 2018, Emma has verbally committed to swim for the University of California Berkeley  on a division 1 scholarship and will officially sign in November!

Along with excelling in swim, Emma is also a very bright student. She is a straight A student, and is taking difficult AP classes, adding on her already overwhelming stress. Despite the difficult curriculum, Emma  is excelling in Calculus AB, AP Economics, Physics, and all of her other classes. Her workload is very heavy and swim take up plenty of her time, but she puts her mind to what she needs to do and gets it done. Other than academic classes, She has been in CSF since she was a freshman and NHS  as a sophomore. Emma’s drive to do well in everything has kept her with impressive grades and an impressive above average GPA of 4.6.

When Emma isn’t in the water, she likes to hangout with her friends, watch Netflix, and  travel to Europe. Her favorite part of traveling to Europe is experiencing different culture.  Her best friend, Jacob Padgett (12), had nothing but good things to say commenting that “She is such an amazing person” When asked about her goals, Emma “would like to be successful in college swimming and college, in general. Maybe even making it to the Olympics one day.”