Student Spotlight: Emily Di Bias

Balancing Academics, Athletics, and the Arts


Courtesy of Emily Di Bias

Emily Di Bias (11) and Natalie Suvarnasuddhi (11) in their drum major uniforms.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

YLHS has “academics, athletics, and [a] true love for the arts”. It is not often that a student on our campus can embody each and every one of the areas our school sees the most important. Nonetheless, there are students that go above and beyond the expectation and incorporate all the characteristics of a true Mustang. Emily Di Bias (11) is the exception. She is currently the assistant drum major in band, a varsity golf player, and still makes time for rigorous coursework. Passionate for all of her school activities and extracurriculars, Emily is a role model to others who want to do the same.

Becoming a well-known name on campus, Emily has worked hard to make sure her high school experience does not go to waste. Emily is in California Scholarship Federation, Red Cross, We Club, Women’s Varsity Golf Team, Yorba Linda High School Band, and enrolled in numerous AP and honors classes.

Something Emily has grown fond of while growing up, is music. Starting from fifth grade at Travis Ranch School, she joined their band because “it was another activity to do, and to meet some amazing people, as well as learning a skill for life.” In band, Emily plays clarinet and oboe. Her hard work and dedication have led Emily to become an assistant drum major starting in her sophomore year. When asked what the best thing was about being an assistant drum major, Di Bias replied that “the best thing is watching everyone in my band family progress as a team and seeing growth within every person. Leading my band is also another experience that has impacted my life forever.”

Di Bias has become a prominent figure in the Women’s Varsity Golf team. As a freshman in the golf program, it was obvious that Emily was talented. For two years, Emily was on the JV team but was a leader and top scorer throughout. After hours on the greens, Emily was offered a spot on the team, but on the varsity level. At first, Emily was “skeptical trying this sport because

Courtesy of Emily Di Bias
Emily on the putting green.

“[her] parents suggested for [her] to play it, but eventually after improving and lots of practice, [she] fell in love with the sport.”

Playing varsity definitely comes with “a bigger responsibility and requires more time commitment”, as expressed by Di Bias. On the other hand, “there are more intimate friendships and relationships with [her] teammates that makes it more enjoyable.”

Although balancing school work, band, golf, and outside activities can be “overwhelming” to Emily, her days with hectic schedules have taught her time management, patience, and making time for people you care about. A close friend and teammate of Emily’s, Sarah Frazier (11), thinks that “Emily is one of the best people at YLHS. Not only being talented and smart, but Emily’s kindness also radiates to those around her.” Truly, Emily Di Bias shows YLHS students that it is certainly possible for anyone to balance academics, athletics, and the arts. Emily Di Bias is a true Mustang.