Finding a “Middle Ground” during the Great Divide



A Poster for one of the various episodes of “Middle Ground”. This episode surrounds pro-choice vs pro-life.

Emily Ito, Photojournalist

The world has been in a constant split, a division of people with differing views and ideals. In nearly every aspect of society, the world is in constant disagreement. Republican or Democrat, Religion or Atheism, Chocolate or Vanilla. Yet in hopes of addressing the division, Jubilee has created a web series known as Middle Ground. The series brings together people of varying views to discuss their ideas in an attempt to tackle division and come to a common understanding on important issues that affect society.

Jubilee released their first episode titled Christians and Atheists Debate Truth and Belief on October 8, 2017. The channel asked these differing groups to engage each other by asking important questions surrounding their differing beliefs. One group stands to the left while the other stands to the right. They were asked a question and if their response is yes, they came to the center where they discussed the topic. Those who remained outside the circle were then asked to join the discussion. They initially begin with a simple and lighthearted question like, “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” and slowly work towards more serious topics. By the end, there were disagreements, questions, but an overall better grasp of each others faiths and beliefs. The show has since created several more episodes along with another season. They have created videos discussing anything from abortion to politics and more.

Middle Ground is a tasteful and brilliant series that has created a forum to discuss and understand people with differing views than one’s own. The show throws people into a climate where important topics are to be discussed rather than silenced and ignored. It addresses the importance of talking about something important despite the discomfort, disagreement, and agitation that may arise as a result.

The filmmakers have developed a series that is incredibly important and sheds light on the fact that there is disagreement in every aspect of life, yet it is essential to try and understand one another better. Jubilee has thought up a way to try and find a solution to the hatred and violence that has occurred as a result of differing beliefs. While the series may only change how a small percentage of the world thinks, it has a vast impact on those individuals.

Jubilee is combating bigotry by creating a place for understanding. Jayden Hawley (10) states, “It is a show that needs to gain more recognition as a result of its important topics and necessary discussions.”  Overall, Middle Ground is a progressive and necessary addition to the web and  is unafraid to push boundaries and step outside the comfort zone. The filmmakers have created a masterpiece that will hopefully result in viewers gaining perspective and eventually contribute to a more unified world.