Election Week

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

This past week, from March fifth to March ninth, multiple ASB students ran to be elected as future ASB representatives. This process is very time consuming and difficult. Only the most dedicated and school spirited students have the willingness to be apart of this process.  With the long hours these students put into their campaign, it is no wonder that by the end of it they are very tired from all their hard work.

One of the first things these students did was fill out an application. This seems pretty obvious, but for them, this is one of the more crucial parts of the campaign. During this stage is when they figure out what they want to run for. If they run for the wrong thing, they will most likely never have a chance at winning. Along with this, these students have to go around and get 100 people to sign their petition for office.

Next, they go to a mandatory meeting and learn what they need to do to make their campaign run as smoothly as possible. After this, they are finally able to put their campaign together. The people running and many of their friends gather around to make posters to cover the school with. According to Tyler Padgett (11), the best part of the campaign “is getting together with my friends and making posters.”

Then comes the interviews. Each student has to sit in front of a camera and a few video productions students. The point of this is to tell the whole student body why they should vote for them on election days. If they mess up or do a poor job on their speech, they could lose some of their voters. Their speeches need to be exceptional, for this is their first impression to a lot of people.

During election week, everyone knows that the students pull out all the stops with things to hand out with their name on it. These include t-shirts, pins, hats, pencils, play doh, and even rubber ducks to remind students to vote for them. To everyone, this is the most fun part of elections because they are able to support their friends as much as possible.

Congratulations to everyone that ran, any of the candidates would have been great with the position they chose. But there does have to be a winner, and the student body has spoken. The results are: Lauren Bui for ASB President, Noah Camacho for ASB Vice President, Regan Millsap for ASB Secretary, Ava Delaney for ASB Treasurer, and Cole Smith for ASB Ambassador.