A Christmas Carol: Behind the Scenes


Delaney Pietsch

The cast of A Christmas Carol ready to perform.

Delaney Pietsch, Photojournalist

Putting on a well-performed play is a tough thing to do. It starts out as a small idea, and with hard work, transforms into a beautiful story which is then displayed in an auditorium full of interested viewers. Accomplishing this task is a tough thing to do, but Yorba Linda High School’s Theater makes it look effortless.

The first step of this whole process is finding a play to reenact, this year being The Christmas Carol. This is one of the hardest parts because the director, Ms. Petz, and assistant director, Julia Massey, needs to find a play that would fit in with the season and still be relevant for people of this town.

The next step is getting the rights for the show. This allows the organization producing the play to put up posters around the city so the performance can lure the audience it deserves.

Next is the long process of picking who plays each part. With auditions and callbacks, the directors can weave out who they would like to play each part of the show. This year’s winter musical starred Cooper Summers as Scrooge.

Once they know who plays each character, the director is one step closer to making the play they are reenacting their own. The next step would be the costumes. Each student is perfectly fitted into the right costumes for their role. With the many costume changes, the director needs to make sure they find the perfectly fitted costumes for each scene.

After the actors and actresses learn all of their lines, they put them to the test. The many stage rehearsals the cast goes through are to figure out where props should be placed and how characters should react to dialogue. This year, the directors took the play to the next level by creating dry ice smoke throughout the stage to add that extra touch.

After everything is looked over with a fine tooth comb, the production is ready for opening night. Makenna Stiles (11), who has been in multiple plays in and outside of Yorba Linda High School’s Theater, says the final product is amazing. She thinks that it is “so eye opening to see everything put together.”

Overall, the production of a play is a very stressful thing. So many hours of work, sweat, and tears are put in. The directors of The Christmas Carol did a great job this holiday season. While putting on a play is a big task to take on, it almost never disappoints. The audience walked away with a memorable night of entertainment and the cast and crew created a bond like no other. All those engaged can hardly wait for when the next show that must goes on!