PDA: #Couple Goals?


Photo credit: Young Internationalist

Grace KIm, Photojournalist

Love is in the air even at Yorba Linda High School. Whether it is walking through the hallways to get to their next class or finding a  place to sit during lunch, high school campus couples are constantly showing signs of affection. According to Paige Richy (11) “showing subtle signs of affection out in the public is cute, but sometimes couples can get a little too comfortable.” PDA, public display of affection, occurs when two individuals in a relationship display any form of affection out in the public. For an example, “#couple goals” trend on social media is an example of PDA. It may include cuddling on the sofa, getting a bouquet of roses for Valentines Day, or scenic shots at the beach holding hands. Either way, the act of  publicly displaying his/her affection has caused two very different forms of reaction from the public. Some are fully supportive of this new trend. For these onlookers, public display of affection is just a natural part of being in a relationship. Yet, an equal percentage of the public are saying “NO!” It is understandable that during the first few months of a relationship, keeping your hands off can be hard. Yet, passers-by shouldn’t have to be traumatized due to witnessing a “quick” makeout session.


There are several different levels to PDA. For one, there are subtle displays of affection including hand holding or goodbye kisses. These type of PDA is not only acceptable, but encouraged. As mentioned before, couples should show affection for each other because it is a natural step in a relationship. Furthermore, small signs of affection prove that the couples are comfortable and is demonstrated to improve relationships.The forms of PDA that are condemned are oversharing or over the top kissing, touching, hugging…etc. It’s just impractical to be kissing for 10 minutes straight. Plus, how do they not pass out? They never come up for air! To make matters worse, the whole situation is just agony for others having to witness the whole “incident”. In the same manner, oversharing is unnecessary. The public doesn’t need to be informed about every second of the relationship. Plus, entire Instagram pages dedicated to each other gets tiring. Yes… being in a relationship is important, but there are other aspects of life worth sharing.


On a mental aspect, excessive PDA can actually hurt a relationship. Having to make sure that everyone is aware of the relationship puts a strain on the couple. Keep in mind, most relationships don’t last forever. Having to go through a break up that everyone is aware of makes the process even more intolerable. Contrary, PDA can be a destructive force of feeling validate. Individuals fall into a mindset of relying everything on being in a relationship rather than their own abilities.


Conclusion?:  Be more aware of others when showing affection in public. It is okay to be proud of a relationship, however it shouldn’t consume your life.