A Young Activist with a Big Heart


Courtesy of Washington Post

Mari Copeny, or Little Miss Flint, has her goal set on becoming the future president of the United States. Meanwhile she does all she can to help out her local town of Flint, Michigan.

Juliette Fournier, Photojournalist

Also known as Mari Copeny, Little Miss Flint is a ten-year-old girl from Flint, Michigan. She has come to the attention of Twitter users mainly after the yodeling boy, Mason Ramsey, was given a blue badge on his Twitter account (marking its authenticity) while she had not yet received one. Little Miss Flint, the young activist has been working to fix the clean water crisis in her hometown. This crisis has been happening since 2014 when the cutting of costs resulted in the city getting its water from the Flint River. Unfortunately, the river’s pipes are corroded, leading to lead poisoning and other health issues. Little Miss Flint has actively tried to work towards helping her community cope and fix the problem. At eight years old, she managed to reach out to then-President Barack Obama and have him come to Flint to see the crisis for himself. She also started a GoFundMe page which provides 11 bottles of water for Flint residents for each dollar donated.

In her community, she is also vigorously working towards helping others in countless other ways. Not only has she helped organize toy drives and book drives, Little Miss Flint has organized events for children in need. Just recently Little Miss Flint helped to raise thousands of dollars to provide local children with school supplies with the Pack Your Bag challenge. In February, she organized a movie night to see “Black Panther” for some underprivileged kids. Most of her efforts are focused on helping children her age, particularly those who live in Flint. Additionally, she was a Youth Ambassador for the Women’s March, the Climate March, and for Equality for HER; she has given speeches in Washington, D.C.

In comparison, Mason Ramsey is simply known for yodeling in a Walmart. So why was he invited on the Ellen Show and not Mari Copeny? It is nice to help a young child achieve their dream if they have motivation, which both of these kids have. Curiously enough though, people idealize a young boy who can sing instead of a child who works to make a significant change in her town. Grace Kim (11) points out that “it seems very unfair that we are obsessing over celebrities and gossip while this girl receives so little recognition for all her hard work. I’ve seen the yodeling boy trending all over social media. On the other hand, Mari Copeny wasn’t, and I did not know who she was.”

Nowadays, social media is a crucial way for someone to market themselves; without it, they will have little fame. Therefore, social media platforms should expose the people who make serious changes to the world. Apparently, Twitter realized this since Mari Copeny’s account received Twitter’s blue badge a few days later thanks to the request of several Twitter accounts, including Mason Ramsey.

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