Movie Review: Truth or Dare

A promotional poster for the film.

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A promotional poster for the film.

Emily Ito, Photojournalist

Blumhouse Productions has brought yet another addition to the horror film genre with their newest production, Truth or Dare. The film was released on April 26 and was decidedly unimpressive. Starring well known television stars such as Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), the movie held promise, but fell flat and has become yet another tepid teen horror flick.

The movie opens with a group of college students visiting Mexico for spring break. From the start it is evident of tension, problems, and conflicts amongst the group of friends. The main character, Liv, played by Lucy Hale, meets a boy who invites her and her group of friends to an abandoned castle in which they decide to play a game of truth or dare. Following their game and an uncomfortable outburst from the stranger that brought them to the castle, the characters return home. After coming back to school, the characters soon realize the sinister game of truth or dare has followed them home. The game is tailored to ruin each individuals’ relationships and lives, and if the player fails to complete their truth or dare, they die. The game supposedly ends when all the players are dead.

While the film accomplished its task of being thoroughly entertaining, the plot was ridiculous and at times, laughable. The contorted evil smiles are meant to frighten, but look generally absurd. With the exception of a few jump scares, Truth or Dare missed its mark as a horror film and can more easily be categorized as a petty teen movie. Elements of the storyline were teen cliches, such as the main character’s crush on her best friend’s boyfriend.

In addition many of the characters were unrelatable and unlikable. Main character, Liv, is consistently portrayed as a generous and philanthropic character, always thinking of ways to make the world a better place. Yet in the end, she changes her personality and makes an extraordinarily selfish decision. The ending is absolutely ridiculous and upsetting, leaving audiences to quickly change their feelings on essentially the only likeable character in the film.

Trying its best to be a serious and alternative film, the movie has several missteps and is unintentionally funny. Jayden Hawley (10)  laughed when asked about the film, “The movie really didn’t have much of a plot, I laughed at what probably wasn’t meant to be funny. No it wasn’t quite the horror film I was hoping for, but I left satisfied and entertained.” Jayden Hawley truly summed up a review of the movie.

Overall, Truth or Dare was ridiculous yet entertaining and occasionally funny. If one is looking for a horror film that isn’t scary and a comedy that shouldn’t be funny, Truth or Dare, is the perfect film. While the movie fell flat,  it was a nice attempt by Blumhouse Productions to create an entertaining film.