A Little Bit of Cheer Everyday


Carey Stevenson

This family decorates their Christmas tree together as a way to bring holiday cheer into their December.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

During December, stores everywhere go wild with Christmas spirit. They have Christmas decorations, Christmas foods, and sometimes even Christmas crafts. Yet, at home in many aspects the holiday spirit is often lacking. The holidays are a time of joy and celebration so it is important to bring it into your life as many ways as possible whenever possible, and here are some ways how you can!

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, a great way to inject a little Christmas spirit into your everyday life is with sweets! Go to Target and spend five dollars on a festive advent calendar, that way everyday you have a little chocolate to celebrate. You can also buy festive cookie dough flavors like Joanne Sumarsono (11) “ favorite flavors, gingerbread and candy cane.” Since it is December, you cannot just make the cookies you also have to decorate them! Go to the store and pick up some festive sprinkles and frosting and make sure to share your tasty cookies too!

Many people will put up a Christmas tree, decorate it, and that’s it. Why do that when you can decorate your whole house! Fun homemade crafts, like painting pine cones to decorate them as mini Christmas Trees or painting wooden gingerbread men, can be put up around your house. You can also get miniature trees for each bedroom so each member of the household can decorate their own unique trees. Lastly, and most obviously, get a huge Christmas tree to decorate as a family for all your guests to see. Nothing makes people happier than seeing a beautifully decorated Christmas tree during the holidays.

These things may seem really simple, but they are a fun and sweet way to bring you and your family closer together this holiday season. It is so important to not only surround yourself with loved ones at this time of year, but also to spend genuine time with them. All of these ideas and many more not only give you a reason to be together, but also a reason to decorate! They do a great job of reminding all participants that the true purpose of Christmas is not about presents or materialistic items, but rather about all the people who love you.So go have fun and enjoy this Christmas spirit, there is no time like the present, and in true Christmas spirit you should do your best to fill it with joy!