Winners of the Exposed: “Fresh Perspectives” Contest


Juliette Fournier

After the works had been selected by the judges, a Gala event was held at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library on December 5, 2017.

Juliette Fournier, Photojournalist

The artists of Yorba Linda High School, as well as students from other schools around the district, recently had the opportunity to enter the Exposed: “Fresh Perspectives” Art and Literature Contest. Every year, this contest is sponsored by the Yorba Linda Public Library. All the artwork is displayed at the Nixon Library for about a week after the winners are announced. The contest is a great way for the students of Yorba Linda High School to display their art for the community’s enjoyment.

Each piece is separated by categories–drawing/painting, color photography, black & white photography, and graphic design–and then observed by judges from the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance. These judges must choose which piece receives 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each category, and then they pick an overall winner. Entries are also voted on by the staff of the Yorba Linda Public Library. After all the pieces have been judged and the winners selected, a Gala event held at the Nixon Library on December 5th allowed the participants, parents, and anyone else to view their own and others artwork. A final judgment of the pieces was made by the attendees of the Gala, and finally, the winners were announced.

All artwork was selected based on the criteria of how well the theme of the contest, “Fresh Perspectives,” was interpreted by the artist. Artists had to submit a small description as to how their piece fits the theme of the contest. Grace Kim (11), who attended the Gala event was able to see the art pieces displayed at the Yorba Linda Public Library. She was “impressed by the artwork of the students. As a student that takes art classes at Yorba Linda High School, the art show was a fun and educational way to see other people’s artwork.”

Yorba Linda High School proudly received all the awards in the drawing/painting categories. In 1st place of this category was Jiacheng Ye (11) for his piece, “Perfect Fragmentary,” shown below.

Juliette Fournier
Artist: Jiacheng Ye

Second place went to Camey Liu(10) for her watercolor and colored pencil piece, “Real Fantasy.”

Juliette Fournier
Artist: Camey Liu

Third place was Fiona Hsu(11) for her piece, “Travelers.”

Juliette Fournier
Artist: Fiona Hsu

Honorable mention went to Max Ko (11) and his acrylic piece, “It’s Their Home.”

Juliette Fournier
Artist: Max Ko

Another mention went to Juliette Fournier (11) for her pen and ink piece, “Tying the Knot.”

Juliette Fournier
Artist: Juliette Fournier

Emily Goodman (9) was awarded an honorable mention for her photograph “Freedom Tower,” in the photography category.

Juliette Fournier
Artist: Emily Goodman

All students who entered deserve recognition for their hard work and exquisite pieces. Congratulations to all the winners whose work was selected.