Student Spotlight: Zachary Hernandez


Courtesy of Bennett Stoops

Zach, in his ready position for his dance at the Homecoming rally.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Amongst all of the students at YLHS, there are some students that go above and beyond the expectation. One, in particular, has even broken down barriers about dance. This student is Zachary Hernandez (10). Zach is the first male member of the YLHS Dance Company and is an example to all students that it is okay to pursue your passions regardless of your gender.

Zach has been dancing since 2012 at CF Dance Academy. This place is a safe haven for him to express his creativity and individuality. His dancing career started as a way to have fun and occupy his time during the dog days of summer. CF Dance Academy has taught Zach to be himself and to push himself to the limit. From there on out, dance became a vital part of Zach’s life.

Hernandez has joined dance company after having so much fun in the dance program last year. When asked why he joined YLHS Dance Company, Zach said that “[he] joined dance co because [he] had kind of gotten to experience what it was like last year being in the dance program and [he] really liked the people involved in dance co and what they were doing.” As the only male dancer in the history of our school, Zach does not care about what people might say about him behind his back. Dance company has gained another awesome dancer in Zach, where he can further showcase his talents in dance.

Zach is a sophomore this year and it is one of the most mentally draining school years in high school. Hernandez is enrolled in all honors classes on top of his hectic schedule. With dancing at his studio to dancing for dance company, as well as school work, Zach has learned to manage his time through these experiences. Tirelessly working most of the day, Zach says that “It’s definitely been a struggle to balance school and dance because they are filled with a lot of sleepless nights. I went into it knowing that would pretty much be the case, school all day and dance all night.”

Although balancing school work and dance is tough, Zach shows that anything is possible with the right mindset. Zach believes that “if you really set your heart to it and are that passionate about dance, then you can definitely pursue it.” Truly, Zach is an inspiration to all students who want to pursue their dreams. Thank you for breaking the status quo and much luck to you in the future.