7 Fun Pranks to Pull on Your Friends Next Halloween


Mark Sparrow

Mark Sparrow’s chocolate Brussels sprouts prank via twitter.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

All throughout the month of October, pranks are very fun to pull, especially on friends. Pulling pranks is a way to get festive for Halloween. As Halloween comes to the end and Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, it is a little late for pranks. Nonetheless, here are 7 fun pranks to pull on your friends next Halloween season. 

  1. Drone and Dementor

For this prank, you will need a remote-controlled drone and a Dementor costume. Attach the costume to the drone with fishing wire and let it hang. Because the fishing wire is transparent and the drone is flying in the air, the Dementor looks like it is actually flying. Pull this prank at night for better effect and to scare your friends even more.

  1. Pennywise the Creeper in the Window

Cut out a colored picture of Pennywise the clown from the movie It. Tape the picture to an outside corner of a window (Buzzfeed). Ask your friend to sit down and then ask what is behind them. This prank will definitely startle and spook them.

  1. Chocolate Covered Brussel Sprouts

Get yourself some Brussel sprouts from the grocery store and dip them into a chocolate fountain. Let them dry and then serve it to a friend and say that they are chocolate balls. Watch their reaction as they eat vegetables instead of candy. They got tricked instead of a treat.

  1. Kool-Aid Blood Shower

This prank is for your siblings. Put Kool-Aid powder into the head of the shower and let your sibling take a shower first. The water will mix with the powder, making the water red like blood. Not only will they be surprised, they will also be sticky and have to rinse their bodies twice.

  1. Sleeping Surprise

Another prank for your siblings, this one requires a scary mask. Put the scary mask next to their heads while they are sleeping. As they wake up they will scream their heads off and you can take a picture of their reactions.

  1. Severed Hand on Milk

Buy a plastic severed hand from Amazon for $8.99 (Buzzfeed). Put the severed hand onto the handle of the milk container and wait for someone to notice. The hand will catch them off guard and frighten them.

  1. Snake in Cooler

The last prank on this list can be pulled anytime of the year. This prank should be pulled at a party or get together with a drink cooler. Inside the cooler, put plastic snakes on top of the drinks. It is sure to get a reaction out of anyone.  

Make sure to stay safe and to not take these pranks too far. Excited for next Halloween, Priscilla Kim (10) loves pranks and says that “they are so fun to pull and I love seeing my friends’ reactions.” Hopefully, these pranks can bring more Halloween spirit for next year. Good luck on these pranks and have fun!