Student Spotlight: Gabi Moussa


Emily Ito

Gabi Moussa stops to smile for the camera in between meetings for PTSA and Teen Advisory Board.

Emily Ito , Photojournalist

With her dedication, ambition, and success, Gabi Moussa (12) is a model student at Yorba Linda High School. As a senior preparing to graduate high school and enter college, she remains humble but enthusiastic about her last year at YL. Along with being heavily involved in the school and community through various activities, she is able to maintain a rigorous and successful academic schedule. Yet most importantly Gabi is friendly and approachable, qualities that contribute to her success.

As an incredibly involved student and member of the community, she plays a major role in several school clubs and community programs. Not only is she currently presiding over the YLHS Red Cross branch, she helps oversee other Red Cross programs in Orange County. Additionally, she is a member of school clubs such as PTSA Student Leadership, WE Club, Orchestra, National Honor Society, and Science Olympiad, just to name a few. Her involvement in these various academic and school service clubs has been long-term and ongoing; she has been participating in most of the clubs have been since freshman year.

To add to her long list of extracurriculars, Gabi has been on the Yorba Linda Public Library Teen Advisory Board for four years and is active in her church. Gabi has logged over 750 community service hours because she feels “very passionate about wanting to improve my community. Seeing my classmates and neighbors participating in the events I help with inspires me to get involved and be a better person.” She has obvious enthusiasm for contributing towards the improvement or betterment of her school, community, and church.

In addition to her wide variety of extracurriculars, Gabi continues to excel in every academic course she takes. Throughout her entire time at YLHS she has been involved in nearly all AP or honors courses. Obviously collegebound, she maintains a very impressive grade point average, especially with the rigor of her classes. However, Gabi is unsure of exactly where she hopes to attend.

It can be presumed that Gabi’s success stems from not only her dedication and strength, but also from her character and compassion to serve others. She is well liked by all who encounter her for her affability and genuine thoughtfulness. One of Gabi’s good friends, Javeria Naqvi (12), reveals, “Gab is absolutely amazing. She’s really nice and super funny. Hanging out with Gabi makes my day.” Every friend and acquaintance of Gabi’s can attest to her devotion to every aspect of her life.

With ample opportunities and an abundance of options, Gabi has the ability to pursue anything she desires.  While it will be sad to say goodbye to such an exceptional young adult, whatever school she selects will be lucky to have her. An ideal student with tremendous potential and an extremely bright future, she knows that her hard work and dedication throughout the last few years will allow her to continue her contributions to society as a productive adult.